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Past 3MT Events


View the 3MT Finalists' Presentations here

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3MT Finalists - Fall 2023

Position Name College Program
1st Place Caitlyn Jones College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences History
2nd Place Sreyashi Ghosh College of Engineering Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
3rd Place Clayton Donald College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Chemistry
3rd Place (tie) Farial Samira Rahman College of Engineering Biomedical Engineering
Finalist Aime Judith Augilar Herrera College of Engineering Electrical Engineering
Finalist Antoinette Antwi College of Optometry Physiological Optics
Finalist Jessica Kirschmann College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Kinesiology
Finalist Jie Chen College of Pharmacy Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Finalist Muhammad Aqib College of Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Finalist Salma Bibi College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Atmospheric Sciences
Finalist Shaila Sharmin College of Education Measurement, Quantitative Methods, and Learning Sciences
Finalist Vraj P. Chauhan College of Engineering Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Winners Fall 2022

Finalists Fall 2022





1st Place

Candice Wilson-Stykes

Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies


2nd Place

Dipayan Chakraborty

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


2nd Place (tie)

Shrey Gohil

Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy


3rd Place

Bikash Panthi




Abhinav Bagchi

Biology and Biochemistry



Charles Hodgman




Ananya Mondal




Sara Rojas




Myriam Shiran

Political Science



Hussain Sayed

Electrical and Computer Engineering



Winners Fall 2021

3MT® First place winner : Ritwika Biswas


3MT® Second place winner : Yogeshwari Sanjayrao Ambekar


3MT® Third place winners : Adam Mallette & Donald Rabin


Fall 2021 3MT® Award Winners

Name College Program Title
Ritwika Biswas Natural Sciences and Mathematics Biology PhD Crohn's Disease: A Cause and A Cure
Yogeshwari Sanjayrao Ambekar Engineering Biomedical Engineering PhD Neural Tube Defects
Donald Rabin Arts Music DMA How can investigating and  understanding Eastern philosophy and religion diversify Western music practices?
Adam Mallette Engineering Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Zeolites: The key to a treasure that must stay buried
Zuoxu Xie Pharmacy Pharmaceutics PhD Locally Active Drug for Treating Osteoarthritis Pain Safely
Tanya Smit Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Clinical Psychology PhD Avoiding Pain Avoidance? How Acceptance of Chronic Pain Influences Opioid Misuse and Opioid Use Motives
Damilola Abe Engineering Subsea Engineering MS Carbon Capture and Storage
Abhipsa Srimani Natural Sciences and Mathematics Chemistry PhD Detoxification of Aldehydes: A new approach to prevent cancer
Jieni Li Pharmacy PHOP PhD Treatment Selection among patients with Multiple Sclerosis using Machine Learning Approach

Winners Spring 2021

Spring 2021 3MT® Award Winners

Mahsa Bitaab
Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Dinh Bui
College of Pharmacy
Abhijit Chakraborty
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Pak Wing Chen
Cullen College of Engineering
Huong Dau
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Danielle Llaneza
College of Education
Gulsah Malgir
Cullen College of Engineering
Mikhail Mekhedkin
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Lotanna Ohazuruike
Cullen College of Engineering 
Surya Pratap Solanki
Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering(Cullen College of Engineering)

Winners Fall 2020

3MT® First place winner : Razia Sultana Mohammed


3MT® Second place winner : Taruna Yadav


3MT® Third place winner : Jean Bodet

Fall 2020 3MT® Award Winners

Position Name Program College
1st Place Razia Sultana Mohammad Pharmacology PhD Pharmacy
2nd Place Taruna Yadav Biomedical Engineering PhD Engineering
3rd Place Jean Bodet Developmental, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience PhD CLASS
Finalist Danielle Llaneza Counseling Psychology PhD Education
Finalist Dinh Bui Pharmaceutics PhD Pharmacy
Finalist Emily Starling Comm Disorders MA CLASS
Finalist Garima Singh Chemical Engineering PhD Engineering
Finalist Merve Erten Mass Communication MA CLASS
Finalist Nishant Rao Kinesiology PhD CLASS
Finalist Prajakta Masurkar  Pharmaceutical Health Outcomes and Policy PhD Pharmacy
Finalist Sujit Biswas  Pharmaceutics PhD Pharmacy

Winners Fall 2019

  • 3MT® Winners

    3MT® Winners

  • 3MT® Finalist

    3MT® Finalist

  • Poster Presentation Winners

    Poster Presentation Winners

  • Poster Presentation Honorable Mention

    Poster Presentation Honorable Mention

3MT® Award Winners (11/1/19)

Position Name College
1st Place Dalia Lezzar Engineering
2nd Place Victor Lincha Pharmacy
3rd Place Lindamarie Olson Social Work
3rd Place Madeleine Lu Engineering
Finalist Adesola Saba Engineering
Finalist Autena Torbati Education
Finalist Brooke Kauffman CLASS
Finalist Elizabeth Davis NSM
Finalist Faheem Ershad Engineering
Finalist Hanan Qasim Pharmacy
Finalist Jean Bodet III CLASS
Finalist Musa Ozturk Engineering
Finalist Noor Abdulkareem Pharmacy
Finalist Qingqing Xu Pharmacy

Poster Award Winners (11/1/19)

Position Name College
1st Place Justin Brantley Engineering
2nd Place Faheem Ershad Engineering
3rd Place Naomi Nubin CLASS
Honorable Mention Cale Lewis NSM
Honorable Mention Chaunte White Education
Honorable Mention David Holguin Architecture
Honorable Mention David Young CLASS
Honorable Mention Dilranjan Wickramasuriya Engineering
Honorable Mention Hannah Claussenius-Kalman CLASS
Honorable Mention Justin Shepherd CLASS
Honorable Mention Nishant Rao CLASS
Honorable Mention Razia Sultana Mohammed Pharmacy

Winners Spring 2019

  • 3MT® Participates

  • 3MT® Winners

  • Poster Presentation Winners

3MT® Award Winners (2/11/19)



Participant Details

1st place (tie)

Hannah Locke
Biology and Biochemistry, NSM
Upstairs, Downstairs,: Plants, Insects, and the Microbes that Serve Them - 1:04:21

1st place (tie) Santoshi Ramachandran
Physiological Optics and Vision Science, Optometry
Strabismus: Seeing the World One Eye at a Time - 1:22:27
2nd place Ming Chen
Marketing, Business
How We Look Reflects What We Want - 0:24:10
3rd place Andrew Rogers
Psychology, CLASS
Opioid and Cannabis Co-Use in Chronic Pain: Relations to Substance Misuse, Mental Health and Pain Experience - 0:42:36
People’s Choice Isha Baheti
Communication Sciences, CLASS
Development of Hindi Version of the Consensus of Auditory Perception Evolution - 0:46:32


Poster Award Winners (2/11/19)



Participant Details

1st place

Ronal Infante
Industrial Design, Hines College of Architecture
BENDIMU: Application of IMUs in Flexion/Extension Therapy

2nd place (tie)

Khob Bhandari
Physiological Optics, College of Optometry
Effects of Oral Caffeine on the Melanopsin Driven Pupil Response 

2nd place (tie) Musa Ozturk
Biomedical Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering
Quantitative Keyboard Tapping Measurement Correlates with the Changes in Neural Signals of Parkinson's Patients
3rd place (tie) Naghmeh Hassanzadeh Khayyat
Biology, NSM
TRPC6 inactivation does not Protect Against Diabetic Kidney Disease
3rd place (tie) Shreesti Shrestha
Biology, NSM
Role of microRNA-322/503 Cluster in Heart Disease
People’s Choice Amir Khalafi
Construction Management, College of Technology
Immersive Augmented Reality (AR) Technology for Construction Safety Training