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UH Dissertation Accelerator Summer 2022 In-Person

The Graduate School is excited to resume the Dissertation Accelerator event in-person Summer 2022 . This free program is open to only doctoral students who would like the opportunity to make serious progress on a dissertation. Participants will be required to attend the entire duration of the event. The support you will receive throughout beyond the 3 days will hopefully assist you in meeting or exceeding your writing goals. Additionally, the Dissertation Accelerator provides a highly productive uninterrupted work environment to be held on campus at the UH Writing Center.

What should I expect at Dissertation Accelerator?

  • Space with minimal distractions
  • Writing regimen/routine
  • Peer collaboration, motivation, and support
  • Guest speakers

*     I attended the dissertation accelerator online and it was very helpful. I defended my research successfully! https://uwm.edu/graduateschool/wp-content/uploads/sites/519/2020/11/quote-mark-end.png

What do I need for Dissertation Accelerator:

  • A firm resolution not to check email, texts, social networks, or the internet during writing periods!
  • Computers will be provided, but you are welcome to work on your own laptop.
  • Lunch will be provided, you are welcome to bring coffee, breakfast, and/or snacks.

Registration Process:

  • Space is very limited
  • Dissertation Accelerators are filled first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Apply online beginning April 17th.
  • Must be able to attend all three days from 9am-4pm.

                                     APPLICATION DEADLINE : May 17, 2022 
                                     Dates : May 24 - May 26, 2022
                                                  9:00 am – 4:00 pm

To apply for the event, click here


For more information on the Dissertation Accelerator, please contact UH Graduate school