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People spend more time indoors than ever. The University of Houston endeavors to maintain favorable indoor air quality (IAQ) for building occupants. Maintenance of IAQ involves a process to identify hazards, eliminate and/or control identified hazards, establish safe working practices, and protect the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff in various areas of the University. For more information EHLS has prepared a presentation to better information members of the University community of the efforts involved in this process. OSHA has also prepared detailed information on maintaining IAQ as it pertains to workplace safety. 

Common Sources of IAQ Issues

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Building materials and furnishings
  • Storage of cleaning supplies, pesticides, and other aromatic products
  • Equipment such as copiers, fume hoods, and stoves

Prevention of IAQ Issues

  • Fix water leaks
  • Eliminate vent condensation in HVAC units
  • Change filters regularly
  • Control humidity
  • Maintain ventilation systems for equipment
  • Store and utilize materials according to manufacturer recommendations

For more details on our IAQ program, please refer to this document.

Reporting IAQ Issues

Contact EHS with any IAQ concerns.