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Doctoral Thesis - Ed.D. in Professional Leadership - K-12

The Ed.D. in Professional Leadership - K-12 Doctoral Thesis is a rigorous, comprehensive, reflective study of a substantive dilemma related to educational practice.  In completing the Professional Leadership — K-12 Doctoral Thesis, candidates will apply in practice the knowledge and skills in practical scholarship that they have gained throughout the program.  The Professional Leadership — K-12 Doctoral Thesis should serve as a natural continuation of the Laboratory of Practice work, allowing students to focus more deeply, and independently, on solution implementation for dilemmas explored collaboratively during the Laboratory of Practice.

The Ed.D. in Professional Leadership - K-12 Doctoral Thesis requires the ability to engage in systematic inquiry into practitioner problems in educational settings. Extensive "on the ground" knowledge about a particular context of practice or about a particular program/practice/policy in two or more contexts will be required.  The “research question” for the Doctoral Thesis is framed differently from that of a traditional research dissertation.  The question implies practical application, and the answer(s) is (are) presented in terms directly applicable to practice.