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Placement of Recent Graduates

Graduates from our Department have been placed at the following institutions:

  • Baylor University
  • Florida State University
  • Indiana University
  • Northwestern University
  • Ohio State University
  • Purdue University
  • Rice University
  • Rutgers University
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of California (Los Angeles)
  • University of California (Riverside)
  • University of California (Santa Barbara)
  • University of Colorado (Boulder)
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Houston-College of Education
  • University of Houston-Department of History
  • University of Houston-Graduate School of Social Work
  • University of Illinois (Chicago)
  • University of Massachusetts,
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Nebraska (Lincoln)
  • University of Nevada (Las Vegas)
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Texas (Austin)
  • University of Texas-Health Science Center (Houston)
  • Vanderbilt University.

Graduate students have been accepted into additional PhD programs throughout the country, but elected to attend one of the programs listed above.


Baylor College of Medicine, Harris County Mental Health/Mental Retardation Authority, Harris County Family Courts, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Central Houston, Inc., NASA, Children's Protective Services, Affiliated Systems Corporation, University of Houston – Clear Lake, Houston Baptist University, Houston Community College (and other area community college systems), Houston Independent School District, UT Health Center, Houston Area Charter Schools, DePelchin Family Services, Project Row House, and Environmental Resources Management.