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University of Houston places a high priority of research, and the Psychology department is one of the most active research departments on campus, bringing the most external funding to the school. The department stresses participation in research, at the graduate level as well as at the undergraduate level. All graduate students are required to design, and conduct their own research, as well as participate in lab group research, and many of the labs have several undergraduate research assistants.

The research in the social psychology department is varied, covering many areas in social psychology, from social influence and normative behavior, motivation, social support and health behaviors, and close/romantic relationships.

The Social, Personality, & Health Psychology graduate program in the Department of Psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Houston is divided into the following research laboratories:

  • Self, Motivation, and Relationship Theories (SMaRT) Lab  Director: C. Raymond Knee
  • Social Influence and Health Behaviors Lab Director: Clayton Neighbors
  • Social Processes Lab Director: Jaye Derrick
  • Self-Regulation, Contexts, and Health Lab Director: Olivia Atherton
  • Personality, Emotion, and Social Cognition Lab Director: Adam Fetterman
  • Personality Development and Success Lab Director: Rodica Damian

For prospective students whose interests are in health, there are opportunities for collaboration with other graduate programs in the department. All programs within the department have some emphasis in health and are open to collaborations among programs. Co-advising relationships are possible.