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Social, Personality, & Health Psychology

The graduate program in Social, Personality, and Health Psychology (SPH) prepares students for careers in social psychology, personality psychology, health psychology, or the interface among these disciplines. Thematic areas of concentration that cut across faculty members and students in the SPH area include interpersonal relations, close relationships, and social networks; the self, identity, understanding, and belief; social cognition and social norms; antecedents and consequences of personality; scale development for social psychological and personality constructs; health behaviors including alcohol and substance use; disease risk and longevity; self-regulation and motivation; and sociocultural contexts and adverse experiences. The SPH area also has a strong focus on advanced quantitative methods including item response theory and psychometrics; structural equation and multilevel modeling; macro- and micro-longitudinal analyses; language analysis; and other data science techniques.

Faculty News

Dr. Damian gave an invited talk entitled “The Prospective Role of Life Experiences in Personality Development, Career Success, and Well-being” at the Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology in Germany..



Faculty members in the program have continually received support from both federal (e.g., NIH) and local agencies.

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