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Hanako Yoshida, Ph.D.

Hanako Yoshida

Associate Professor
Director of
Cognitive Development Lab
Developmental, Cognitive, & Behavioral Neuroscience
Ph.D., Indiana University

Cognitive Development Lab

Heyne Building, Room 239C
Lab: 713-743-4876

Research Interests

  • Language and cognitive development


  • Developmental Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Foundation of Cognitive Psychology
  • Foundation of Developmental Psychology

Selected Publications

Tran, C. D., Arredondo, M. M., & Yoshida, H. (2015). Differential effects of bilingualism and culture on early attention: A longitudinal study in the U.S., Argentina, and Vietnam. Frontiers in Psychology, 6(795), 1-15.

Darby, K. P., Burling, J. M., & Yoshida, H. (2014). The role of search speed in the contextual cueing of children’s attention. Cognitive Development, 29, 17–29.

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Yoshida, H. & Hanania, R. (2012). If it's red, it's not Vap: How competitions among words may benefit early word learning. First Language 33(1), 3 - 19.

Yoshida, H. & Burling J. M. (2012). Highlighting: a mechanism relevant for word learning. Frontiers in Psychology 3:262.

Yoshida, H. (2012). A cross-linguistic study of sound symbolism in children’s verb learning. Journal of Cognition and Development, 13(2), 232–265.

Yoshida, H., Tran, D. N., Benitez, V., & Kuwabara, M. (2011). Inhibition and Adjective Learning in Bilingual and Monolingual Children. Frontiers in Developmental Psychology, 2, 1-14.

Yoshida, H. & Burling, J. (2011) A New perspective on Embodied Social Attention (special issue: Embodiment and Development. Cognition, Brain, Behavior. An Interdisciplinary Journal, 15 535-552.

Yoshida, H. & Smith, L. B. (2008). What's in View for Toddlers? Using a Head Camera to Study Visual Experience. Infancy, 13(3) 229-248.

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