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About the Program

Chinese Studies offers the following programs:

Chinese Studies serves the needs of communities:

  • Offers multiple lecture series on China and Asia; presenters include a NY Times Bestselling author, the BP Asian executive director, professors, etc. The lectures are open to the public.
  • Co-organizes the Annual Great Houston Area Chinese Speech Contest. Chinese studies’ faculty members have played significant roles in this large scale event since 2003.
  • Collaborates with local language magnet schools in HISD and the community college system for external grant applications, teacher training and Chinese culture orientation.
  • Organizes various ethnic festival events, including Chinese New Year, mid-autumn, Chinese film month, etc.
  • Established the STARTALK Texas Teacher Program at UH to offer professional development programs and graduate courses. Dr. Xiaohong (Sharon) Wen, the recipient of the federal grants (NSA) led the programs in collaboration with the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland.