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HHP Research Symposium 2021


The department of Health and Human Performance will hold a virtual research symposium on March 9th 2021 from 9am to 3pm. Please join us to hear the highlights of research from different concentration areas in HHP as well as a panel discussion on inclusion and diversity of the next generation of faculty in the health sciences.  


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Schedule is subject to change, please watch this page for any changes to the schedule

9:00-9:15 Introductory remarks and welcome by HHP interim chair Dr. Billy Hawkins.

Highlights of research being done in CNBR. Dr. Chris Arellano will introduce and moderate the following presentations with Q&A to follow each.

  • Predictors of Physical Function of AFO Users with History of Stroke - Sally A. DiBello MPO, CPO
  • Electrocortical activity while standing, walking, and recovery after unpredictable trip perturbations - Junmo An, Dongyual Yoo, and Beom-Chan Lee
  • Do humans exploit the metabolic and mechanical benefits of arm swing across slow to fast walking speeds? - Shernice A. Thomas
  • Neurophysiological Control underlying Postural Stability post Stroke - Nishant Rao
  • Linking the arms and legs during treadmill walking reduces metabolic cost - Daisey Vega
  • Hand function in heart failure - Hidetaka Hibino

Highlights of research being done in LIP. Dr. Melissa Markofski introduce and moderate the following presentations with Q&A to follow.

  • Physical activity recommendations by primary care team in children with chronic kidney disease - Molly Wong Vega 
  • Exercise and inflammation - Victoria Warren
  • Immunometabolic adaptions to exercise training - Charlie Hodgman
    Questions for first three presenters

  • Exercise habits and mood in a global pandemic - Melissa Markofski
  • Does exercise enhance influenza vaccination in older adults? - Mahmoud Elzayat 
  • Exercise and the immune system in cancer - Emily LaVoy
  • Immune cells in the tumor microenvironment - Rebekah Hunt
    Questions for last four presenters

Panel discussion on inclusion and diversity of the next generation of faculty in the health sciences. Dr. Stacey Gorniak will moderate and facilitate discussion and sharing from the following panelists.

  • Christopher Arellano
  • Billy Hawkins (tentative)
  • Emily LaVoy
  • Joyce Ogundrinde
  • Claudia Scott
12:00-1:00 Break for Lunch

MAT and Dietetic Internship program’s joint educational session. Dr. Layci Harrison will introduce and moderate 3 – 30 minute sessions.

  • Caring for the transgender patient - Deina Hamdan and Cashe Ervine
  • Disordered eating patterns in the athletic population - Lynsi Winningham and Kasey Hairell
  • Caring for the physically active geriatric population - Eric Runnels and Kaitlin Boothe

COVID’s effects on Paralympians - Lab of Adaptive Athletics at UH presented by Matthew Mendoza, Tiao Hu and Joy Cabador

3:00 Concluding remarks by Dr. Marc Hamilton