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Clinical Training Program

Graduate students complete 5 or 6 semesters of clinic practica. The master’s program offers a formative sequence in clinical education, beginning with a light clinic load that increases with each subsequent semester.  The student’s program is “front loaded” with academic coursework. The proportion of time devoted to clinical experiences increases once most of the didactic courses have been completed.  Thus, the first practicum assignment is typically two clients, with approximately four hours of client contact each week. The student’s clinic load is progressively increased in subsequent semesters.

The University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic: A United Way agency offers low-cost services for a variety of communication needs. The services include diagnostic evaluation and treatment programs for infants, children and adults with speech, language, hearing, and swallowing problems.

Students obtain a variety of clinical experiences including diagnostic clinics, a preschool Language Learning Group, Aphasia Group, Fluency Specialty Clinic, Community Audiology Screenings, assessment and intervention services for area charter school settings, and individual speech or language treatment.

Two of the second year semesters of clinical practica consist of extern placements. Typically these involve a commitment of approximately 30 - 40 hours per week. The Houston metropolitan area offers a wide array of placement sites. Externship placements are made through consultation with the Externship Site Coordinator.