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Luca Oliva

Instructional Associate Professor
Liberal Studies, Program Coordinator 

McElhinney Hall, Room 232
Tel. 713-743-3422

I am an instructional associate professor at the University of Houston, where I lead the program of Liberal Studies. My interests lie in normativity, epistemology, and philosophy of mathematics. My papers appeared in Kantian Review, NAKS Series, and collections published by CUP and De Gruyter. I currently teach courses on theories of knowledge and normativity. In the last years, I was an academic visitor at the University of Oxford (Trinity term 2016, 2017), a lecturer of the Institute Vienna Circle (summer term 2015, 2017), and a visiting professor for the graduate programs of the University of Vienna (Spring 2019) and the University of Bergamo in Italy (Summer term 2015).

Selected Publications

1. L’Ontologia della Materia. Rome: Storia e Letteratura, 2018 (authored book)
2. On Kantian Intuitions and Mathematics. V. Waibel, M. Ruffing, D. Wagner (eds), Natur und Freiheit (De Gruyter, 2018: 1395-1403)
3. Wittgenstein’s Quasi-Intuitionism. G.M. Mras, P. Weingartner, B. Ritter (eds), Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics (International Wittgenstein Symposium, 2018: 174-7)
4. On Kantian Intuitions. Rethinking Kant 5 (North American Kant Society Series 2018: 71-92)
5. Perception, Intuitions, and Mathematics. C. Limbeck-Lilienau, F. Stadler (eds), The Philosophy of Perception and Observation (International Wittgenstein Symposium, 2017: 177-81)
6. Parrini’s The Value of Truth (Kantian Review 20/3, 2015: 467-78)
7. Kant and the Neo-Kantians on Mathematics. N. De Warren, A. Staiti (eds), New Approaches to Neo-Kantianism (Cambridge University Press, 2015: 406-47).
8. Heinrich Rickert – L’Uno, L’Unità, e il Numero Uno. Milan: Cusl, 2008 (edited book)
9. La Validità come Funzione dell’Oggetto. Milan: Franco Angeli, 2006 (authored book)