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History of the discipline

During the struggle for civil and human rights of the 1960's, Africana students and communities demanded Black / Africana / African American studies programs and departments. By the 1970's more than 600 educational institutions added the discipline to their curricula . The importance of such program cannot be overemphasized. Research indicates a correlation between the existence of Black / Africana / African American studies programs and departments and the recruitment and retention of students of African descent. This has been done by providing a more representative and culturally balanced college curricula as well as culturally relevant subject matter for the African descended populations of the University Of Houston in particular and the various colleges and universties of the United States in general.

African American Studies at the University of Houston was eastablished in 1969 in response to student protest. Since then, the discipline has continued to move forward with innovative course offerings focusing on the history, culture, life and contributions that people of African descent have made to the world. Moreever, since its inception, AAS has added new courses, received additional and continuous funding, stimulated increased student intrest and expanded its associated cultural activities and community presence.

For more general information, call the African American Studies Program at (713) 743-2811.