I. Communication(6 hours English rhetoric/composition)

Objectives | Approved Courses


The objective of a communication component of a core curriculum is to enable the student to communicate effectively in clear and correct prose in a style appropriate to the subject, occasion, and audience.

The following courses satisfy the core requirements in Communication. See the current Course Listing, published each semester, for prerequisites and other restrictions, additions, and deletions.


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Communication: Approved Core Courses

  • ENGL 1303: First Year Writing I
  • ENGL 1304: First Year Writing II
  • ENGL 1309: English Composition for Nonnative Speakers I
  • ENGL 1310: English Composition for Nonnative Speakers II
  • ENGL 1370: Freshman Composition II-Honors
  • ENGL 2361: Western World Literature II-Honors
  • TELS 3372: Communicating Science, Engineering and Technology Issues and Trends Within the Global Workplace


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