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Thank You For Your Support

Thank You

Gifts impact UH programs every day, providing today’s UH students with additional encouragement and financial support to thrive. By contributing you’ve shown that you care about UH students experiencing a world-class education.

You may give to UH for many reasons — to express thanks to former mentors, to give back to the institution that gave you your start, to honor cherished memories, to increase opportunity for today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders, or to be part of something big. Regardless of your reasons, your gifts publicly demonstrate pride in the University of Houston—its students, faculty, and programs—and a commitment to our future.

Your choice to give is most important. When you make a gift to the University of Houston, you not only sustain the university's students and programs - you also express your confidence in the university and in its mission:

  • Strengthening the value of a UH degree. Your gift demonstrates pride in UH and your investment in its future. And as the university's reputation increases by putting highly-qualified graduates to work and life-changing research into our communities, so does the value of a UH degree...even a degree earned 5 or 10 years ago - or more.
  • Influencing opinion-makers. Your gift is a vote of confidence that becomes critical when we ask for corporate, foundation, and legislative support. The private support raised and number of alumni who give back to UH are factors corporations and foundations consider when they are preparing to award significant grants. Legislators are more likely to invest in public-private partnerships. They, like prospective UH students and parents, want to join a winning team.


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