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University-wide Commencement Participation Policies

University-wide Commencement Participation Policies are as follows:

  • Graduates from the full academic year (Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and Summer 2017 graduates) are invited to participate in the annual University Commencement in May 2017.

  • Appropriate academic regalia must be worn by all participants wishing to be seated on the field.  Arrangments to buy or rent regalia can be made by contacting the UH Bookstore.

  • Spring 2017 candidates should apply for graduation by the regular deadline of February 24th (late deadline March 24th) and be approved to graduate by their colleges.

  • Summer 2017 candidates must apply for summer graduation by an early deadline of April 14th in order to be considered for participation in the May University Commencement (the Summer graduation application opens April 7th). Applicants will be “pre-reviewed” by their College to determine whether all remaining coursework and requirements for graduation can reasonably be completed during the summer semester. Note that this is a pre-review process for the purpose of approval to participate in the University Commencement only; formal graduation review will still occur in the final graduating semester. Students planning to graduate in summer and interested in participating in Spring Commencement are encouraged to contact their advisors to confirm they are on a path to summer completion. A degree is conferred once final degree requirements are satisfied, rather than by participating in a commencement ceremony.

  • Individual college policies regarding participation in College Convocations may vary. Please see college websites for information.