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Research Projects

Social Norms and Alcohol Prevention (SNAP)

(Project Supervisor: Angelo DiBello, MA)

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SNAP is a 5-year NIH-funded study designed to examine alcohol beliefs and attitudes, social identity, and drinking behaviors among college students. In this research project, we are interested in examining students’ perceptions of other students’ drinking behaviors, and how these perceptions affect their own drinking behavior. Previous research has shown that students tend to overestimate their peers’ drinking behavior, which is associated with increased drinking. We are evaluating the efficacy of personalized normative feedback (PNF) in correcting normative misperceptions and reducing problem drinking among heavy drinking college students. SNAP takes place at three different universities: Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, the University of Washington in Seattle, and the University of Houston.


Research on the Effectiveness of a Gambling Intervention On a National Sample in College (REGIONS-C) is a randomized trial examining the effectiveness of personal normative feedback on reducing gambling behaviors in at risk college gamblers. The project is funding by the National Center for Responsible Gaming. The project is conducted in conjunction with and will help provide a national database of normative gambling information which will be used to provide feedback to individuals interested in their own gambling behaviors. Recruitment for the study will begin in Fall of 2014.

Marriage and Health Project

(Project Supervisor: Lindsey Rodriguez, MA)

This study examines the association between alcohol use and relationship outcomes in married couples. The study takes place online with follow-ups 3 and 6 months later.

Power and Dynamics in Romantic Relationships

(Project Supervisor: Lindsey Rodriguez, MA)

This project evaluates the role of drinking, drinking motives, and jealousy among heterosexual dating couples. The study will consist of an online survey.

Perceptions of Attractiveness

(Project Supervisor: Chelsie Young, MA)

Perceptions of Attractiveness is a 1-year online study examining the ways that people come to view others as attractive or not.

Smoking and Alcohol Study

(Project Supervisor: Chelsea Young, MA)

Smoking and Alcohol Study is a 1-year online survey that evaluates alcohol use, cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco use, and hookah use among undergraduates.

Relationship Dynamics and Health

(Project Supervisors: Angelo DiBello, MA & Chelsie Young, MA)

Relationship Dynamics and Health is a 1-year online study that examines factors the influence relationships and health outcomes.

Memory for Alcohol-Related Experiences, Drinking Behavior, and Attitudes toward Drinking – Study 3

(Project Supervisors: Lindsey Rodriguez, MA & Chelsie Young, MA)

This study examines event-related drinking intentions and implicit attitudes about drinking as a function of recalling and then writing about different alcohol-related experiences. The study will consist of an online survey.

Prescription Medication Compliance and Alcohol Consumptions

(Project Supervisor: Heather Krieger, BA)

This online study aims to identify the prevalence of contraindicated alcohol consumption with prescription medication use in students who are in compliance with their medication.