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Using Google Sites

Google Sites is free tool to create custom websites. Similar to a wiki, you can develop the site by yourself or choose to collaborate with others on the creation and content of the pages. You can determine sharing permissions, who the owners are, who you would like to give permission to edit and revise the site, and who you would like to give permission to actually view the site. You can limit viewing your site to a small, private group or you can choose to publish it so that it is publicly accessible.

Because your Google Site is stored in a "cloud," it is available from any device that can access the internet.

Setting up Google Sites is easy.

Follow along the videos below to create your site today:

  1. Google Sites #1: How to Create a New Site
  2. Google Sites #2: How to Edit and Add Media to your Google Site
  3. Google Sites #3: How to Change the Appearance of Your Site
  4. Google Sites #4: How to Share Your Site

For additional information, review this PDF tutorial.

If you are a faculty member and would like to be trained on using Google Sites for your course, please contact If you are a student and need assistance, please contact your instructor.