Internal Grants - CLASS

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CLASS Research Outreach Grant Application

The purpose of the CLASS Research Outreach Grant Program is to assist faculty with the production of research that will promote the University, our College, and the researcher. This Program will provide funds up to $4,000 for research assistance, travel, data and information collection, or other activities that will result in a book or other project from which an application can be made for national recognition. We will consider a wide variety of applications for national recognition, including but not necessarily limited to a national prize, a fellowship, a grant award from a government or foundation, or a creative exhibition or performance.

Deadline: April 11 at 5:00PM

Download application form

Faculty Development Leave

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences awards Faculty Development leaves to full-time, tenured members of the faculty engaged in scholarly research and creative or artistic projects according to the guidelines below.

Deadline: Friday, November 8, 2013

Applications and inquires for Faculty Development Leaves should be submitted electronically to Dr. Steven Craig, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research at

Internal Grants – Division of Research

CLASS GEAR Selection Criteria for 2014

CLASS has been allocated three slots for full applications to the Grants to Enhance and Advance Research (GEAR) program run by the Division of Research (DOR). The purpose of this program is to increase outside research funding to the University. All tenure track faculty in the College are eligible to apply.

The process is that an abbreviated proposal, a pre-proposal, is submitted to the College. The narrative of the pre-proposal is two pages, see the guidelines below for the appropriate format and additional materials. From the pre-proposals, we will select the three projects which will be invited to submit full proposals to the DOR.

The program rules, forms, and procedures are available at:

Pre-proposals according to the guidelines available above are due by Jan 31, 2014 at 5pm. Submit your complete pre-proposal by e-mail in pdf format to by 5pm on Jan 31. The Associate Dean for Research, Steven Craig, with the assistance of the CLASS Research Committee, will select the three CLASS GEAR projects which will be invited to submit full proposals. The selection process will be completed by Feb. 14.

The criteria we will use to select the projects for full proposals will include:

  1. Projects most likely to result in the highest quality scholarly and/or artistic output.
  2. Projects most likely to be awarded nationally competitive funding from outside sources. This is the goal of the program.
  3. Projects for which UH GEAR funds are most needed to allow competition for national research funding.
  4. Projects most likely to be competitive in the University GEAR competition.

If assistance is needed to identify outside sources of funding, please contact Angela Clifton at or at x33702. If more information is needed about GEAR, contact Steven Craig at, or at x33812.

New Faculty Research Grant

For faculty members who have been at UH for three years or less. Awards are for up to $6,000. There is a link to the guidelines below.

Deadline for submission is Friday, November 22, 2013.

Small Grant Program

Open to any UH faculty member. Awards are for up to $3,000. The purpose is to fund small steps needed to conduct research.

Deadline for submission is Friday, November 22, 2013.

Publications Completion Grant Application

The purpose of the Publications Process Completion Program is to assist faculty with the publication of scholarly research. Appropriate use of grant funds include book subventions, indexing, and rights acquisitions, but any purpose will be considered if it can be shown that it is a requirement for publication. Although there are no funding request limitations, awards are expected to average about $1,500. Applications are accepted at any time. The Research Committee is expected to review applications at least twice a year, about on November 15th and March 15th. If timing is an issue, please include an explanation.

To apply please complete the budget justification below, it is expected to include documentation of the need for funding from the publisher. To support the academic purpose of your work please include the referee reports. Scan and submit your application online to Dr. Steven Craig, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research at Or, send a hard copy to 402 AH, Class Dean’s Office, Mail Code 3000.