Dyes and Deys from New Jersey in the Revolutionary War

[With An Emphasis on Middlesex County]

The definitive source for the following is Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolutionary War by William S. Stryker, Adjutant General of New Jersey, 1872 (republished in 1967 by the Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore).

Brief quotations from this work are quoted below to put the situation into perspective.

The following resolutions from the Journal of congress, October 9th, 1775, is the first call on New Jersey for Continental troops:

"Resolved, That it be recommended to the Convention of New Jersey that they immediately raise, at the expense of the continent, two battalions, consisting of eight companies each, and each company of sixty-eight privates, officered with one captain, one lieutenant, on ensign, four serjeants, and four corporals...... That the privates be inlisted for one year, at the rate of five dollars per calendar month, liable to be discharged at any time on allowing them one month's pay extraordinary...... That each of the privates be allowed, instead of a bounty, one felt hat, a pair of year stockings, and a pair of shoes : the men to find their own arms. " (Stryker, p. 9-10)...... This letter was signed by John Hancock, President of Congress. Two hundred copies of an advertisement were ordered printed. Privates were to be paid five dollars per calendar month.

During the American Revolution, New Jersey was involved in five major battles and many minor ones, due partly to the importance of its location between New York and Philadelphia. Only one Dye's, Dey's, or Deuyt's is listed in the "Official Roster of Continental Troops and it is not recorded where he lived in New Jersey.

Middlesex County is darkened in the image on the right.

Continental Troops

  1. Jeremiah Dey, First Batalion, Second Establishment; Captain John Holmes' company, First Regement

The State Army and the Milita

"At various times during the war, this State (New Jersey), by reason of its situation on the coast, and its lying between cities in possession of the enemy, was continually open to the incurisions of British trroops and rhe ravages of refugees and Indians. It was also the theater of many battles, skirmishes, and forage expeditions, greatly to the annoyance of the inhabitants, as well as dangerous to the established government. It was found necessary, therefore, to "embody", as occasion required. a certain quota of volunteers from the militia of the different counties... These organizations were designates as "State Troops". To encourage "inlistment of men, at a conjuncture so important, there be allowed and paid as a bounty to wach man who shall voluntarily inlist as aforesaid, and be properly accoutred, the sum of six dollars over and above the Continental pay ... and that every man be furnished at the publick expence, with one pair of shores and one pair of stockings. (Stryker, p. 319)

On June 3, 1775, the Provincial Congress of New Jersey resolved .... "taking into consideration the cruel and arbitrary measures adopted and pursued by the British Parliment and present ministry, for the purpose of subjugating the Americal Colonies to the most abject servitude .... the inhabitants of this Province be forthwith properly armed and disciplined for defending the cause of American freedom ... . That the several committees in this Province do, as soon as may be, acquaint themselves with the number of male inhabitants in their respective districts, from age of sixteen to fifty, who are capable of bearing arms, and thereupon form themselves into companies and that they choose, by plurality of voices, four persons from among themselves, of suggicient substance and capacity for its officers, namely -- one captain, two lieutenants, and an ensign. Middlesex County, New Jersey, was required to form two regiments of militia and six companies of minute men. Minute men had precedence of rank over the "common militia" of the Privince. The companies from each county formed a battalion - in all ten batallions.

On October 28th, 1775, "men capable of bearing arms were now "directed" to enroll themselves. The were ordered to furnish themselves with "a good musket or firelock and bayonet. sword or tomahawk, a steel ramrod, worm, priming-wire and brush fitted thereto, a cartouch-box to contain twenty-three rounds of cartridges, twelve flints and a knapsack.... They were ordered to keep at their respective abodes, one pound of powder and three pounds of bullets. In case of an alarm, the "Minute Men" were directed to repair immediately to their captains' residences, and he was to march his company instantly to oppose the enemy. Companies of "light-horse" were ordered to be raised among the militia.

A batallion consisting of four companies from Middlesex and four from Monmouth was created. There were three Regiments. The Third Regiment was under the command of Colonel John Duychinck. Captain Robert Nixon, Captain, First Major, commanded a troop of light-horse under Duychinck. [Ezekiel Dey/Dye served under Captain Robert Nixon.]

Many Dyes and Deys, however, living in Middlesex County, New Jersey (marked with a red dot on the map below), served in New Jersey State Militia. Note the strategic importance of Middlesex County. It lies on a line between the occupied areas around New York and Philadelphia and is bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

The following Dey's and Dyes are listed as having served in the New Jersey Militia (Middlesex County residents appear in bold:

  1. Colonel Theunis Dey, Bergen Regiment [ Laurens Duyts was banished to Bergen, New Jersey (for selling his wife) on November 25, 1658. Is Theunis Dey related to Laurens?]

  2. John Dey Captain, Second Regiment, Middlesex County.

    Judy Simpson and Tom Robertshaw deserve thanks for helping with the following lists!

  3. Applegates

    Given the potential relationship between Ezekiel Dey/Dye and the Applegate family, the following Applegates from Middlesex County in the Militia are listed.

    1. APPLEGATE, ANDREW. Middlesex.
    2. APPLEGATE, ANDREW. Burlington.
    3. APPLEGATE, ASHER. Middlesex.
    6. APPLEGATE, BENJAMIN. "Spencer's Regiment," Continental Army; Captain Jonathan Holmes' company, Second Regiment.
    7. APPLEGATE, CHARLES. Captain Chambers' company, Third Regiment, Middlesex; Captain Addis' company, Second Regiment, ditto; Captain Gulick's company, Third Regiment, ditto.
    8. APPLEGATE, DANIEL. Also militia.
    9. APPLEGATE, DANIEL. Drummer, First Regiment; drummer, Second Regiment.
    10. APPLEGATE, DANIEL. "Western Battalion," Morris; also State troops.
    11. APPLEGATE, DANIEL. Monmouth; Matross, "Captain Huddy's Company, Artillery," State troops; also Continental Army.
    13. APPLEGATE, JAMES. "Lee's Legion," Continental Army.
    14. APPLEGATE, JOHN. Monmouth.
    15. APPLEGATE, JOSEPH. Also militia.
    16. APPLEGATE, JOSEPH. Teamster.
    17. APPLEGATE, JOSEPH. Middlesex.; also Continental Army.
    18. APPLEGATE, MOSES. Corporal, Captain Polhemus' company, First Battalion, Second Establishment; Corporal, Captain John Holmes' company, First Regiment.
    19. APPLEGATE, NATHANIEL. Captain Chambers' company, Third Regiment, Middlesex; Captain Addis' company, Second Regiment, ditto; Captain Gulick's company, Third Regiment, ditto.
    20. APPLEGATE, NOAH. Middlesex.
    21. APPLEGATE, ROBERT. Captain Wetherill's company, First Regiment, Middlesex. Regiment, Monmouth.
    22. APPLEGATE, ROBERT. Captain Dey's company, Second Regiment, Middlesex; also Continental Army.
    23. APPLEGATE, ROBERT. First Battalion, Second Establishment; also militia.
    24. APPLEGATE, THOMAS. Middlesex.
    25. APPLEGATE, THOMAS. Wagonmaster.
    26. APPLEGATE, WILLIAM. Burlington.
    27. APPLEGATE, WILLIAM. Captain Voorhees' company, Third Regiment, Middlesex; also State troops.
    28. APPLEGATE, WILLIAM. Captain Bray's company, Second Regiment, Hunterdon; also State troops; also Continental Army.
    29. APPLEGATE, WILLIAM. Monmouth.
    30. APPLEGATE, WILLIAM. Captain Anderson's company, Fourth Battalion, Second Establishment; also militia.
    31. APPLEGATE, ZEBULON. Middlesex.

  4. Deys

    1. Benjamin Dey, Bergen
    2. Daniel Dey, Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse, Middlesex [was this Daniel Dey the son of Vincent and Sarah Artepe Dey]
    3. David Dye, Bergen
    4. Ezekiel Dey, Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse, Middlesex, [son of John and Mary Applegate Dey and mustering out papers]
    5. James Dey, Middlesex
    6. John Dey, Bergen
    7. John Dey, Monmouth
    8. Josiah Dey, Monmouth
    9. Josiah Dey, Middlesex [the son of Lawrence and Anne Dey Dey]
    10. Lewis Dey, Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse, Middlesex, [the son of James and Margaret Perrine Dey]
    11. Peter Dey, Middlesex, [the son of William and Margaret Salter Dey?]
    12. Cyrus Dey, Monmouth
    13. William Dey, Middlesex, [son of Joseph Dey - the son of John Laurens Dey]

  5. Disbrow

    David Dye, brother of John and Vincent Dye, married Hannah Disbrow. Given the potential relationships, the Disbrow's from Middlesex County serving in the New Jersey Militia are listed below.

    1. Elijah Disbrow Captain Morgan's company, Second Regiment, Middlesex.
    2. John Disbrow Captain Morgan's company, Second Regiment, Middlesex.
    3. John D. Disbrow, Monmouth
    4. Joseph Disbrow, Somerset
    5. Samuel Disbrow, Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse, Middlesex

  6. Dye

    It is clear that some the children of John Laurens Dey used Dey and some used Dye as their surname. When and why is being researched.

    1. Amos Dye, Middlesex. [brother of Ezekiel Dye??]
    2. Daniel Dye, Middlesex, [was this Daniel Dey the son of Vincent Dye, Son of John Laurens Dey and brother of Captain John Dey?]
    3. James Dye, Middlesex [Uncle of Ezekiel Dye, son of John Dey?]
    4. John Dye, Middlesex [son of William Dye, the brother of John Dey?]
    5. Joseph Dye, Middlesex [Uncle of Ezekiel Dye, son of John Dey?]
    6. Lawrence Dye, Middlesex [Son-In-Law of John Dey, Ezekiel's Uncle, married Anne Dye]
    7. Thomas Dye, Middlesex, [brother of Ezekiel Dye??]

  7. Egbert

    Ezekiel Dye's second wife was Sarah Egbert Paul. The Egbert's were "neighbors" of the Dye's in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Following the Revolutionary War Sarah's father and mother moved to the "Jersey Settlement in Allegeny County (near Pittsburgh) inwestern Pennsylvania. They later moved with several of their children to Mercer County, Pennsylvania. There are four Egbert's in Middlesex County that are listed by Stryker:

    1. Abraham Egbert, third regiment Midddlesex, also continental army
    2. James Egbert, Middlesex
    3. John Egbert
    4. Lewis Egbert first regiment Middlesex, also contiental army

    There is no record in Stryker of Sarah's father, William Egbert

  8. Ely

    1. ELY, GEORGE. Captain, Second Regiment, Hunterdon; Lieutenant Colonel, Third Regiment, ditto, June 21st, 1781;
    2. ELY, JOSEPH. Essex.
    3. ELY, MOSES. Essex; also teamster.
    4. ELY, MOSES. Teamster; also private, militia.

  9. Mount

    John Dye, Exekiel's uncle, married a _____ Mount and Patience Dye, Ezekiel's sister married a ______ Mount. William Mount, married Rebecca Cox whose sister Elizabeth Cox was Ezekiel's first wife. William Mount was Ezekiel's brother-in law.

    1. MOUNT, ELIJAH. Captain Stout's company, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.
    2. MOUNT, EVERT.
    3. MOUNT, EZEKIEL. Captain Stout's company, Third Regiment, Hunterdon.
    4. MOUNT, GEORGE. "Spencer's Regiment," Continental Army; Captain Jonathan Holmes' company, Second Regiment.
    5. MOUNT, GEORGE. Private, Captain Bruere's company, Monmouth; Corporal, ditto; died of fatigue at the Burnt Tavern.
    6. MOUNT, HEZEKIAH. Middlesex.
    7. MOUNT, HUMPHREY. Middlesex
    8. MOUNT, JAMES. "Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse," Middlesex. [son of Ezekiel Mount]
    9. MOUNT, JESSE. Captain Baird's company, First Regiment, Monmouth. [son of Ezekiel Mount]
    10. MOUNT, JOHN. Lieutenant, Middlesex.
    11. MOUNT, JOSEPH. Middlesex.
    12. MOUNT, MATTHEW. Captain Moore's company, Second Battalion, Somerset.
    13. MOUNT, MOSES. "Captain Walton's Troop, Light Dragoons," Monmouth; also infantry.
    14. MOUNT, NATHANIEL. Monmouth.
    15. MOUNT, RICHARD. Middlesex. [husband of Lydia Dey/Dye]
    16. MOUNT, SAMUEL. Private; Serjeant.
    17. MOUNT, THOMAS. Wagoner.
    18. MOUNT, WILLIAM. "Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse," Middlesex. [brother of Richard Mount and Ezekiel Dey's brother-in-law]

  10. Perrine

    1. PERRINE, ANDREW. Middlesex.
    2. PERRINE, DANIEL. Middlesex.
    3. PERRINE, DANIEL. Sussex.
    4. PERRINE, HENRY. Middlesex.
    5. PERRINE, HENRY. Monmouth.
    6. PERRINE, JAMES. Somerset.
    7. PERRINE, JAMES. Captain Morgan's company, Second Regiment, Middlesex.
    8. PERRINE, JAMES. Sussex.
    9. PERRINE, JAMES. Monmouth.
    10. PERRINE, JAMES. Teamster, "Captain Patton's Team Brigade."
    12. PERRINE, JOB. Captain Hankinson's company, First Regiment, Monmouth.
    13. PERRINE, JOHN. Somerset.
    14. PERRINE, JOHN. Middlesex.
    15. PERRINE, JOHN. Hunterdon.
    16. PERRINE, JOHN. Serjeant, "Minute Men;" Serjeant, Captain Jacob Ten Eyck's company, First Battalion, Somerset.
    17. PERRINE, JOSEPH. Middlesex.
    18. PERRINE, LEWIS. "Captain Walton's Troop, Light Dragoons," Monmouth.
    19. PERRINE, MATHEW. Middlesex.
    20. PERRINE, NICHOLAS. Somerset.
    21. ERRINE, PETER. Somerset.
    22. PERRINE, PETER Captain, Third Battalion, Middlesex.
    23. PERRINE, SILAS. Captain Hankinson's company, First Regiment, Monmouth.
    24. PERRINE, WILLIAM. Middlesex; also Continental Army.
    25. PERRINE, WILLIAM. Also militia.

    In addition to the above, a Joseph Disbrow is listed as a Wagonmaster; Captain and Conductor of Team Brigade. A Samuel Disbrow is listed as a Wagoner and a John Disbrow is listed as a Teamster in Captain Seaman's Team Brigade. A John Dye is listed as a Teamster in Captain Disbrow's Team Brigade.

    A William Dye [brother of Ezekiel Dye??] is listed as a Mariner.

Captain Nixon's Troop, Light-Horse, Middlesex

A list of the individuals known to have served with Captain Nixon's Light-Horse Troop is given below. All of these individuals were listed as residents of Middlesex County, New Jersey at the time of their "induction". Perhaps some of the relationships formed both before and during their service continued after the Revolutionary War was concluded.

  1. Robert Nixon, Captain
  2. Stephen Dean, Lieutenant
  3. David Rhea, Lieutenant
  4. Daniel Lott, Cornet
  5. Charles Fisher, Serjeant
  6. Richard Bainbridge, private
  7. John Barricklo, private
  8. Runyon Buckalew, private
  9. John Campbell, private
  10. Isreal Carle, private
  11. Elisha Con, private
  12. Samuel Cook, private
  13. John Cornelius, private
  14. Cornelius Covenhoven, private
  15. Dominicus Covenhoven, private
  16. Levi Covenhoven, private
  17. David Craig, private
  18. James Craig, private
  19. Jediah Davison, private
  20. William Davison, private
  21. Daniel Dey, private
  22. Ezekiel Dey, private
  23. Lewis Dey, private
  24. Samuel Disbrow, private
  25. Benjamin Evans, private
  26. benjamin Freeman, private
  27. Obadiah Harper, private
  28. John Height, private
  29. Benjamin Higgins, private
  30. Joseph Hooper, private
  31. John Hunter, private
  32. Samuel Isleton, private
  33. Joseph Job, private
  34. Peter Job, private
  35. Hendrick Johnson, private
  36. Richard Laird, private
  37. John Lorton, private
  38. Gershom Lott, private
  39. Abraham Messler, private
  40. Rescarrick Moore, private
  41. James Mount, private [John Dye, son of John Dey married a Mount before migrating to Prince William County, Virginia ~ 1775. Perhaps his wife was related to James or William]
  42. William Mount, private Elizabeth Cox was married to Ezekiel Dye/Dey. Elizabeth's sister, Rebecca, married a William Mount.]
  43. Richard Nixon, private
  44. James Steason, private
  45. Joseph Stout, private
  46. Henry Stricklin, private
  47. Joseph Sutphen, private
  48. Amos Sutton, private
  49. John Sutton, private
  50. Peter Sutton, private
  51. John Tone, private
  52. William Tone, private
  53. Joseph Turney, private
  54. John Vaughn, private
  55. George Walker, private
  56. James Wall, private
  57. Joseph Wright, private

The are several "interesting" potential relationships evident in the membership in Captain Nixon's Troop of Light-Horse. In addition to The Dyes there is one Disbrow and two Mount's who may have been related to women who married into the Dye or Dey family.

Although 57 members of Captain Nixon's Troop have been identified in Stryker, there are only two men listed in the Company headed by Captain John Dey

  1. Robert Applegate, private
  2. James Stephenson, private

The reason for this discrepancy is unknown at this time.

Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Cranbury, New Jersey

There are 80 Revolutionary War Veterans buring in Brainerd Cemetary, behind the First Presbyterian Church, in Cranbury, New Jersey.

Joseph Dye (1749 - after 1805) was the son of Joseph and Martha Holman Dey of Cranbury. John Perrine (1744-1809) was the son of Matthew and Isabella Anderson Perrine and one of the few Cranbury soldiers who were in the Continental Line. Charles Barclay (1732-1813) served in the militia under the command of Captain Peter Perrine.

DAR Patriot Index

Lists the name of those that served in the Revolutionary War whose ancestors joined DAR. Names in bold are those positively identified as belonging to the Duyts-Dey-Dye lines.

All additions, corrections, and comments on the following resources will be appreciated.

The Patriot Index is a 4 volume set. They can be purchased from the DAR society in Washington DC.

Request for photocopies of application papers should be mailed to the Registrar General, NSDAR, record Copy, 1776 D Street, NW, Washington, DC 200006-5392 with a check made papable to The Treasurer General, NSDAR in the amount of $5.


  1. Andrew Dye [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) James (4) > Andrew (5)], served in the regular army in Pennsylvania. b. 1744 NJ d7-15-1835 m (1) Sarah Miner (2) Mrs. Anna Lamb Evans Capt. PA
    son of James and Sarah Leach Dey

  2. Avery [a member of the English, Virginia Dye's] b 1753 NC d c1830-1833 GA m Mary ---- Sol NC

  3. Brown [a member of the English, Virginia Dye's] b. 1761 VA d 3-19-1825 GA m (1 ?) (2 ) Mary Polly Martin Sol GA

  4. Daniel [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > Vincent (4) > Daniel (5)] b. 7-31-1745 NJ d 11825 OH m Abigail Hutchinson Pvt. NJ, Son of Vincent and Sarah Artepe Dye

  5. Enoch Dye [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > Vincent (4) > Enoch (5)] b. 1763 PA d 1-6-1830PA m Rebecca Leet pvt PA, Son of Vincent and Sarah Artepe Dye

  6. John [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > William (4) > John (5)] b 5-17- 1754 NJ d 6-15-1822 KY m Anne Ely Pvt NJ, Son of William and Margaret Salter Dey

  7. John [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > William (4) > William (5) > John (6)] b 11-15-1762 NJ d 1833KY m Margaret DeWitt Dye Pvt. NJ, Son of William and Phoebe Mounteer Dye

  8. John [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > James (4) > John (5)] b 1753 MD d 4-23-1836 OH m Ruth ---- Pvt PA PNSR, Son of James and Sarah Leach Dey. Note birth place - should be NJ. Married Ruth Applegate

  9. John b 10-23-1733 MA d 1800 RI m thankful Potter PS RI

  10. John [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > John (4) > John (5)] bc 1733/4 NJ d 12-27-1833 OH m Elizabeth --- Pvt VA, Son of John and Mary Applegate(?) Dey. Note that the death date should be in 1822. Married Elizabeth Caywood

  11. Peter b 1834-37 CT d 4-21-1611 NY Pvt NY


  1. Ezekiel [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > John (4) > Ezekiel (5)] b 7-1-1750 NJ d 7-1-1830 m (1) Elizabeth Cox (2) Sarah M. (Egbert) Paul Pvt. NJ, Son of John and Mary Applegate(?) Dey. Brother of John Dye listed above

  2. James Joseph [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > James Hans (3) > James (4) > James J (5) > James Jospeh (6)] b 8-28-1760 NJ d. 1845 NY m (1) ? (2) ? (3) Hannah Russel Pvt NJ

  3. James [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > James Hans (3) > James (4) > James J (5)] b 9-15-1728 NJ d. 1802 NJ m Margaret Perrine Pvt NJ
    Son of James and Dinah Tillyer Dey. He was the father of James Joseph listed above.

  4. John [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > James Hans (3) > James (4) > John (5)] b 12-28-1741 NJ d 4-26-1829 m Mary Baird Capt NJ WPNS (WPNS means widow was pensioned), Son of James and Dinah Tillyer Dey. Brother of James I or J Dey listed above.

  5. John [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > James Hans (3) > Lawrence (4) > John (5)] b c 1751 NJ d 1828 NJ m Janette Doremus Pvt NJ, Son of Lawrence and Anne Dey - who were first cousins

  6. Lewis [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > James Hans (3) > James (4) > James J (5) > Lewis (6)] b 3-21-1758 NJ d 10-25-1816 VA m (1) Agnes Bates (2) Fanny Henley Williamson Pvt NJ, Son of James J and Margaret Perrine Dey listed above.

  7. Peter [a son of Theunis Dey, a member of the New York Deys] b 3-7-1760 NJ d 6-4-1833 m Eleanor Board Pvt NJ

  8. Dirk Richard [A son of Theunis Dey, a member of the New York Deys] b 11-29-1752 NJ d 1-7=1811 NJ m Hannah Pierson Maj NJ

  9. Theunis [A member of the New York Deys] b 10-29-1726 NJ d 6-10- 1787 NJ m Hester Schuyler Col NJ

  10. William [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > Joseph (4) > William (5)] b 10-31-1754 NJ d 12-19-1823 NJ m Margaret Perrine Pvt NJ, Son of Joseph and Margaret Willey Dey. A detailed statement by his widow Margaret Perrine accompanied her application for his pension.

    Deys and Dyes for whom a Revolutionary War Pension Application is on file

    Tom Robertshaw sent in the following list.


    1. George, S.C., R13919
    2. John, N.J., W117, see DAY
    3. John, N.J., Elizabeth, R3173
    4. John [Laurens (1) > Hans (2) > John Laurens (3) > James (4) > John (5)] b 1753 MD d 4-23-1836 OH m Ruth ---- Pvt PA PNSR, Son of James and Sarah Leach Dey. Note birth place - should be NJ. Married Ruth Applegate --W7064
    5. Jonathan, Va., BLWt. 226-200
    6. William, Va., Sarah Reynolds, former widow, R8719


    1. Daniel, N.J., S12743 -- Is this the son of Vincent and Sarah Artepe Dye?
    2. John, N.J., Rebecca, W117, see DAY - Is this Captain John Dey who married Rebecca Perrine? The son of Joseph and Martha Dey. The brother of William listed below.
    3. John, N.J., Mary, W454 - Is this John Dey who married Mary Applegate? The son of John Laurens and Ann Brown Dey? Or John Dey who married Mary Baird. The son of James and Dinah Tillyer Dey?
    4. Josiah, N.J., S630 - Is this Josiah Dey, son of Lawrence and Anne Sarah Dey Dey?
    5. Peter, N.J. S15078 - Is this Peter Dey, son of James and Dinah Tillyer Dey?
    6. Samuel, Va., S6782
    7. Sarah, former widow of John Freeman, N.J., W848, which see
    8. (or DYE), William, N.J., Margaret, W913 -- The son of Joseph and Martha Dey and the brother of John Dey above. Their wives were sisters and the daughters of Captain Peter and Sarah Scanlon Perrine.

      Dyes and Deys from New Jersey in the Revolutionary War who Migrated to Ohio

      Helen Durban sent me the following brief commentaries of three Ohio Dyes who served in the revolutionary war: (The Official Roster of Soldiers in the American Revolution Buried in State of Ohio. by Frank D. Henderson)

      DYE, ANDREW (Miami Co.)

      Service in Pa. Mar. Sarah Minor. Bur. Pleasant Hill Cem. Miami Co., O. GM by Miami Chap with bronze marker. In Troy, O. July 4, 1827 at a patriotic meeting several Revolutionary Veterans gave toasts at a banquet: he gave this one: "The Fourth of July, 1776, a day ever to be remembered: health and prosperity to all who assisted in delivering the present generation from the weight of the yoke of British tyranny.' Fur info Miami Chap.

      DYE, (or Dey), EZEKIEL, (Noble Co.)

      With NJ Tr at battle of Monmouth: saw other service. Br New Jersey. Bur. Old Cem Renrock. Marked by stone. Army service and land patent under spelling of Dey. Settled in Brookfield Twp. in 1804. Judge C.O. Dye has the disch. Fur infor Mrs. L.B. Frazier, Caldwell.

      DYE, JOHN, (Brown Co.)

      Served throught the Rev with Washington. Br. Md. Mar Ruth Applegate. Children: Rachel (perhaps others). D. Brown Co., O. Bur on the Day farm, 3 miles east of Georgetown, O. Farmer. He mar a sister to the wife of Edward Evans who served in Capt. Samuel Dawson's Company; Col Richard Humphreys Regt 11th Pa, and it is quite likely that he was in the same company. Came to Brown Co. 1795, and lived neard the said Evans. Ref: Brown Co. Hist. by Beers & Co., 1883; Adams Co. Hist of Evans and St. Stivers, Mrs. Nevin Chapman, a descendant. Fur infor Taliaferro Chap."