William Dye, II son of William Dey

William Dye II was born on August 1,1740 in Middlesex County, New Jersey and he died in 1806 in Mason County Kentucky in 1808.

William Dye married Phoebe Mounteer in New Jersey. Came to Mason County Kentucky from Plainfield New Jersey with the Shotwell, Morris, Stout, Drake, Arms and Cahill families. Did this group pass through the Jersey Settlement? It is 509 miles from Cranbury, New Jersey to Maysville, Kentucky.

William Dye purchased 300 acres of land in Mason county KY May 3, 1793. (Deed book A, page 277. The spelling is William Die.)

He married Phoebe Mounteer who was born in New Jersey and died in Mason County, Kentucky in 1818/19. They had nine children:

  1. John Dye was born in 1762
  2. Joseph Dye was born on February 6, 1766
  3. William Dye was born on December 6, 1768
  4. Mounteer Dye was born ~ 1770 and Married Elsey Glenn on December 11, 1798
  5. Ruth Dye was born ~ 1775 and married Robert Glenn on May 12, 1795
  6. Mary Dye was born on March 12, 1777
  7. Margaret Dye was born on December 12, 1780
  8. Abigail Dye was born in 1785 and married Peter Dye on April 20, 1804
  9. Luke Dye was born on October 2, 1790

Will of William Dye

The copy of the Will of William Dye appears in the History of Mayesville and Mason County, Kentucky (W. Glenn Clift).

Joyce Ryman passed along the following Dye story:

Old Billy Dye

The following appears on pages 204-205 of Dr. Daniel Drake's book, "Pioneer Life in Kentucky." Dr. Daniel Drake was the son of Isaac Drake, one of three brothers, who were the first settlers of Mayslick, KY. Dr. Drake was 2 1/2 yrs. old when they landed on June 10, 1788 at "The Point," (Maysville).

Its not a pretty story, but it's part of the Dye history and therefore I will past it along.

Jack Baker believes that the "old Billy Dye" in Dr. Drake's book would have been William Dye II. "Dr Daniel Drake was born aboout 1786 and by 1788 was in Mayslick KY (Mason County). Assuming he was 10-12 when he was sent to "Old Billy Dye's house" on errands and assuming Old Billy Dye was late 40s or older at the time....then Billy Dye was born before 1750.

If the above assumptions are reasonable correct, then William Dye II (born on January 1, 1740 Plainfield, New Jersey; died in 1808 in Mason County, Kentucky) married on 24 Jan 1762 to Phoebe Mounteer would be a "good" candidate for "Old Billy". William II and Phoebe's son, William III was born 6 Dec 1768 Middlesex Co NJ. William III would have been in his mid-thirties when Dr Drake was "running his errands" so he seems to be a little young to be "Old Billy"

"The will of Phebe Dye, wife of William, Sr. is dated August 27, 1817. It disposes of some negroes and other personal property and several times mentions " my graduaghter, Eliza", this Eliza being the only new heir indicated by name. She must have been a favorite with her grandmother as she is given two or three bequests."

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