Joseph Dey, Son of John Laurens Dey

Joseph Dye - born in 1728 in Middlesex County, New Jersey and died on March 16, 1793. His will was proved on February 14, 1805.

He lived "southward of the City of Perth Amboy" - in the vicinity of the Old Church Farm. He married (1) Margaret Wiley (no children) and (2) Martha Wiley: Joseph and Martha had 8 children.

His will also notes a granddaughter "Mroth" (?) Vanderbeck. [Clearly, one of his daughters married an Vanderbeck.]

The witness was Catherine Perrine

The will of his son John Dey dated October 1, 1815 also mentions his sister Pheby Dey

The children mentioned in his Will are as follows:

  1. Catherine Dey

  2. Pheby Dey [Phoebe or Phebe] was born on October 18, 1743 in Middlesex County, New Jersey and she died after August 20, 1831. Pheby married Peter Covenhoven - his brothers served with Ezekiel Dye(Dey) in Captain Nixon's Troop of Light Horse in the Revolutionary War. Her son, John Covenhoven, married Lydia Duncan, the daughter of Anne Dye, the daughter of William Dey, Joseph's brother.

  3. Martha Dey

  4. Anne Dey

  5. Joseph Dey

  6. Vincent

  7. John Dey

  8. William Dey

    Application for Revolutionary War Pension of William Dey

    William Dey married Margaret Perrine, daughter of Captain Peter and Sarah (Scanlon) Perrine. She applied for his pension on September 23, 1837 at Middlesex County, New Jersey. Carolyn G. Depp provided a copy of the abstract of this application for a service mans benefits:

    "William DEY or William DYE, wife Margaret, #W913, New Jersey line. Soldier died 19 Dec 1823. Widow applied 23 Sep 1837 at Middlesex Co, NJ, aged 77, a resident of South Amboy twp, NJ. Soldier and widow had married 9 Aug 1778 at Cranbery [sic] NJ and soldier appeared to have lived there at enlistment. Family records submitted: Soldier was a son of Joseph & Martha DEY and he married Margaret, daughter of Peter & Sarah PERRINE. Children were: Sarah, b. 25 June 1779 & she died 1 Apr 1782; Seth, b. 7 Jan 1781 & he died 19 Feb 1829; Sarah 2nd, b. 24 Oct 1782; Lewis, b. 25 Sep 1784; Peter, b. 10 Mar 1786 & he died 7 Apr 1830; Martha b. 18 Jan 1789; Catherine, b. 16 Aug 1792; Gilbert, b. 10 Jan 1795 & William, b. 28 Aug 1797. Also shown were: Soldier died 19 Dec 1823, aged 69 yrs, 1 mnth, 19 days. Soldier's mother Marther [sic] was born 28 Jun 1718 & she died 17 Feb 1769. Famson [sic] Vanderbeck died 22 Mar 1774, aged 22 of her age; Seth DYE died 7 Oct 1779, aged 22. Magret [sic] DYE, 2nd wife of soldier's father, died 30 Nov 1788. One Joseph MOUNT referrred to widow's father as Capt. Peter PERRINE & he also referred to a "Capt. DEY"."

    At least two other children of Joseph Dey married children of Captain Peter Perrine. This is being researched.

    Above taken from "Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files", p965.

Thanks to Tom Robertshaw for the information on Joseph.

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