Andrew Dey, Son of James Dey

Andrew Dye., son of James and Sarah Leach Dye, was born in 1744 near Cranberry, Middlesex County, New Jersey and he died on July 5, 1831 in Miami County, Ohio. He married (1) Sarah Miner in 1768 in _____ and she died in 1810 in ?. She was a first cousin of Martha Curtis Washington.

"He removed to Maryland and from there to Whiteley Creek in what is now Greene County, Pennsylvania,where,in 1785, he had warranted to him a tract of land under the title "Sparrows Nest." He had met and married Sarah Minor, sister of Colonel John Minor, one of the first settlers on Whiteley Creek, a daughter of Stephen and Athaliah (Updyke) Minor. During the Revolution he was a soldier in the Pennsylvania Line (Penna. Arch. Series VI. Vol.3, pp. 1367) for which service he received a pension. Sometime after 1790, he removed to Kentucky and then in 1803, to Ohio, where he died at Stillwater, Newton Township, Miami County, on July 5, 1835. His second wife was Mrs. Ann (Lamb) Evans, who was born April 11, 1767, and died January 7, 1843. Andrew Dye and second wife are buried in Pleasant Hill, Miami County, Ohio. Mrs. Ann (Lamb) Evans was the widow of Charles Evans, who died in Mason County, Kentucky. His will, made on November 20, 1812, was probated there on December 14, 1812. They had at least two children who are named in the will, Job Evans and Elizabeth, wIfe of his son William Dye."

"Other Dyes living in Greene Co. at the same time were: John, born ca 1740, Benjamin, and Andrew sons of James and Sarah Dye of Middlesex, Co., NJ. They were all members of the Goshen Baptist church at Garards Fort ( red dot on the map above). Note the location of Front Royal in Virginia (a "gateway for settlers living in Virginia") and Cumberland to the west of Fort Garard.

Pension records show John Dye, in Brown Co., Ohio at a later date."[Joyce Ryman]

The map of the southern portion of Ohio is shown to provide a sense of the location of Miami County, Ohio [Andrew Dye], Morgan/Nobel County [Ezekiel Dye], Washington County, Ohio [John Dye], Monroe County, Ohio [Daniel Dye], Meigs County, Ohio [Thomas Dye], and Vinton County, Ohio [Henry Dye]

Eleven children were born to Andrew and Sarah Dye.

  1. James Dye was born on December 1, 1769. He died in Greene County, Pennsylvania, on June 11, 1842, and is buried with his first wife on the Oscar Hunnell Farm, near Brock. His Will is in Greene County Will Book 2. pp.159, and was probated on November 3, 1842. A list of his children is also in 0. C. Docket 2, pp.2387 dated March 1843. His first wife was Mary -?- who died June 15, 1821, at the age of 53 years. His second wife was Anna --?-. He had 13 children:

    1. William Dye, died in Wayne Township, Green County, Pennsylvania about 1853. William had five children:

      1. Nancy Dye.
      2. Priscilla Dye.
      3. John Dye.
      4. Elizabeth Dye.
      5. James Dye.

    2. Andrew Dye.
    3. Sarah Dye; married --?-- Lantz.
    4. John Dye.
    5. Litel Dye.
    6. Rezin Dye.
    7. Massy Dye; married --?-- Lantz.
    8. Cassandra Dye; married John Bradford.
    9. Mary Dye; married James Bradford.
    10. Priscilla Dye.
    11. Melinda Dye; minor under 14 years in 1853.
    12. Lucretia Dye; minor under 14 years.
    13. Elizabeth Dye; minor under 14 years.

  2. Stephen Dye was born on December 23, 1770 and died on September 14, 1851. He married, (1) in Shelby County, Ohio, Mehitable Garard. After her death he married, (2) on November 1, 1827, Mary (Hufty) Dye- Knight, widow of his brother, Samuel Dye, and of --?-- Knight. He married, (3) July 27, 1841, Margaret Stiliwell, and on her death he married, (4) November 25, 1843, Rachel Moreland. Thirteen children were born to the first marriage, and three to the second. He was father of nineteen children by his four wives.

    1. John Dye.
    2. Sarah Dye, born March 12, 1794.
    3. Andrew Dye, born December 14, 1795.
    4. Benjamin Dye, born October 1, 1797.
    5. James Dye, born July 7, 1800.
    6. Rachel Dye,. born December 1, 1801; married, March 21,1821, John W. Lee.
    7. Stephen Dye, born February 9, 1802; married, March 14,1821
    8. Nancy N. Lee.
    9. Susannah Dye, born December 1805; married, August 12, 1823, Aaron French.
    10. Fielding Dye, born January 4, 1808; marned, April 26,1845, Catherine Abbott.
    11. Nancy Dye, born March 14.1809.
    12. Jacob Dye, born July 19, 1810.
    13. Cornelius Dye. born February 9, 1812
    14. Madison Dye, born April 15, 1819.

    15. Sarah Dye, born 1844.
    16. Samuel A. Dye, born 1846.
    17. Margaret Dye, born 1851.

  3. John Miner Dye was born on August 24, 1773 and died on April 1, 1842. He died in Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio, on April 1, 1842. His wife was Elizabeth Clyne, daughter of Jacob and Eleanor (Vanmeter) Clyne, who was born in 1776, on Muddy Creek, Greene County, Pennsylvania, and died in Miami County, Ohio, January 6, 1852. They were parents of fourteen children. Named in Will Book A. and B. pp. 229, Miami County, Ohio, are ten of them. Children of John Minor and Elizabeth (Clyne) Dye are:

    1. Clyne Dye (or Clyme); married, January 14, 1851, James Winters.
    2. Isaac C. Dye.
    3. Andrew C. Dye.
    4. John C. Dye.
    5. Priscilla Dye; married, March 6, 1834, John S. Armstrong.
    6. Simon Dye
    7. Eleanor Dye; married --?-- Statler.
    8. Sarah Dye; married, May 27, 1813, Abraham Statler.
    9. Ruth Dye; married, May 30, 1822, Thomas DeWees.

  4. Andrew Dye, Jr. Andrew Dye, Jr., born December 25, 1774, died in Miami County, Ohio, April 3, 1838. He may have married twice, one of his wives being Elizabeth Martin, whom he married in 1814. He was the father of ten children.

  5. Frances Dye, born January 7, 1777. She married, April 3, 1795, Thomas Sayers, son of William and Mary (Fithian) Sayers. He was born December 26, 1770. They had 17 children.

  6. Benjamin Dye, born December 27, 1779, died July 23, 1843; buried in Knoop Cemetery in Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio. He married, (1) in 1798, Elizabeth Jackson, born 1777, died February 5, 1817. He then married, on June 6, 1817, Priscilla (Long) Dye, widow of his brother, Vincent Dye. She was born in 1786 and died December 12, 1848, a daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Ivers) Long. There were eleven children by first marriage and six by the second. Ten children are named in Will Book 2. pp.12, Miami County, Ohio.

    1. Vincent Dye; married, October 12,1820, Rebecca Sevaile.
    2. James Dye.
    3. William Dye; married, April 5, 1826, Nancy Meeks.
    4. Benjamin Dye.
    5. Jeremiah Dye.
    6. Elizabeth Dye; married John Pettit.
    7. Sarah Dye.
    8. Maria Dye; married John Karsh.
    9. Priscilla Dye.
    10. Letty Dye; married, August 24, 1843, Aaron A. Meredith.
    11. Horatio Dye.
    12. John Dye.

  7. Samuel Dye was born about 1780 and died in 1814. Samuel Dyeis said to have been first person buried in Bethel Church Cemetery on old Troy Pike in Miami County. His wife was Mary Hufty, born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Barclay) Hufty. After the death of Samuel Dye, she married --?-- Knight, and then on November 1, 1827, she married Stephen Dye, a brother of her first husband. No children are recorded.

  8. Vincent Dye was born about 1782 and died in 1815. He married Priscilla Long Vincent Dye, died in 1815, six children. His widow then married Benjamin Dye, brother of her first husband and had six more children. She was a daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Ivers) long.

    1. Malen Dye.
    2. Francis Dye.
    3. Fanny Dye.
    4. Mary Dye.
    5. Belinda Dye; married, December 19, 1833, Montgomery Smith.
    6. Minor Dye; married, October 25, 1840, Maria H. Thomas.

  9. Rachel Dye was born about 1784 and died in 1823 Miami County, Ohio. She married Cornelius Westfall there on April 25, 1809. It is probable that they had no children as her estate was divided among her relatives.

  10. William Dye was born on March 10, 1791 and died on January 28, 1823 and is burind in the Knoop Cemetery in Miami County, Ohio. He married Elizabeth Evans, daughter of his step mother and she died in 1850.

  11. Jany Lewis Dye was born about 1793.

All of the children were born in Greene County, Pennsylvania (?). Sarah Miner Dye died in 1810 in ?. He married (2) Ann Lamb. Andrew died in either Pleasant Hill or Stillwater.

[Joyce Ryman and Honey Farley provided background informtion on Andrew. Other information is from the GedCom files - see Dye References]

Mrs. Nancy E. Gates sent me the following which is from "The Tenmile Country And Its Families" by Leaky. Some of it is a repeat of information listed above.

"John, Benjamin, and Andrew Dye, sons of James and Sarah Dye of Middlesex County, New Jersey, were among the early settlers on Big Whiteley Creek. An Isaac Dye, with wife, Hannah, also was a settler, but went to Hardin County, Kentucky, with the Jacob Vanmeter Family about 1780, as shown by his letter of dismission from Goshen Baptist Church, granted September 18, 1779."

A partial list of the minutes from this church have been made available. Excerpts pertaining to the Dye Family are quoted below.

Goshen Baptist Church

A Church constituted by Rev Isaac Sutton and Daniel Fristoe on 7th day November 1773 consisting of thirty members men and women which mutually gave themselves to each other by the will of God in covenant.


Met according to appointment on Saturday the 18th of September and proceeded to business. First agreed by the voice of the church that Brother Jacob Vanmetre take his seat in the house of God as formerly. Agreed by voice of the majority of the Church that Brother Alexander Briant/Bryant to be under censure for his not complying with the request of the Church. We gave unto our beloved Brother Jacob Vanmetre, John Garard, John Ventrees, John Eastwood, Joseph Eastwood, John Gated, Isaac Dye, David Henton, Abraham Vanmetre, Jacob Vanmetre Junior, Rebecca Vantrees, Letitia Vanmetre, Hannah Dye, Mary Underwood, Mary Henton, Bambo and Dinah letters of dismission according to their request. We gave unto our beloved Brethren John Corbly and Elizabeth Corbly, his wife, Hannah Eastwood letters of dismission agreeable to their request.


Met at Muddy Creek according to appointment and proceeded to business viz Brother Henry Johnson laid under censure of the Church for being in Licker, Brother Jonathan Morris to cite Brother Johnson to come to our next meeting. Brother Robert Mickeny called before the Church on account of misconduct and speaking bad language for which he is laid under the censure of the Church. David Price suspended from the privilege of the Church for misconduct at Squire Minor's. Brother Andrew Dye laid under censure of the Church for misconduct at Squire Vanmatres viz quarreling. Brother Elias Garard is to cite Brother John Heart/Hart to our next meeting of business."


Met at Muddy Creek according to appointment and proceeded to business viz Brother And' Die/Dye restored to his seat and fellowship again agreed to give four letters dismission viz to Brother Rolin Hughes and his wife and Brother William Garard and his wife. The next day received John Miller by letter.


Met at Muddy Creek and proceeded to business as follows. Appointed Brother Robert Jones to cite Brother Andrew Dye to come to our meeting for business. Agreed for church to unanimously meet at next church meeting to consider a matter of importance concerning Sister Elizabeth Davis. "


Met at Whitely according to appointment and proceeded to business viz Heard Sister Dosson/Dawson and postponed it to the next monthly meeting for further evidence and Brother Lewis Williams to go to Mr John Wilson's and inquire into the matter and report to the next meeting for business. The Church agreed that Brother Andrew Dye by laid under censure of the Church for swearing. Considered the important affair of Sister Elizabeth Davis and postponed until next monthly meeting. Agreed to call for help from several sister churches.


Met at Muddy Creek according to appointment and proceeded to business viz Resolved the Church be unanimously urged to meet on account of Brother Dye. Likewise that Brother Covalt cite Brother Dye that he may appear. Likewise also Brother Hinkle and Brother Guthery appear before the Church their affair heard concluded to make furth trial to settle by themselves. Likewise Brother Drake to cite John Miller to come to next monthly meeting to shew reasons why he contempts the Church's authority.


Met at Muddy Creek according to appointment. Brother Dye appeared offered some things in order to satisfy the Church who being few of them together thought proper to postpone the matter til next monthly meeting.


Met at Whitely according to appointment and proceeded to business viz Gave letters of dismission to Abraham Covalt and Lois, his wife, Lydia Hinkle, Rhoda Huchans, Jemima Wellington. Agreed that Brother Corbly, Brother Mordock and Brother Ross Crosley go to Benjamin Wrights and inquire into the truth of what he knows concerning the affair between Mrs Hail and Baley Johnson. Likewise George Morris to cite Baley Johnson to come to the next montly meeting. A motion was again made to cut off Brother Dye approved by four members. Likewise Brother Crosley to cite Brother Benajah Gustin to come to the next monthly meeting.


Met and proceeded to business as follows. Resolved by the unanimous voice of the Church that Brother Andrew Dye should be excommunicated."


Joseph Eastwood
Benjamin Stitts
Andrew Dye
William Birt
John Nap/?Knapp
John Millor
John Heart/Hart
Sarah Hill
Rush Sears/?Sayers
Mary Ives/Ivers
Sarah Luzado/Luzader
Jane Muckleroy
Hanah Calon/?Caton
Margaret Hart
Azariah Davis
Lydia Ross
Peter Myers
Joseph Gibbons
Mary Hinton
Hanah Dye [Hannah Dye, wife of Isaac, received a letter of dismissal -
Diana A Black
Martha O Fraizey
Lois Covalt
Elizabeth O Fraizey
Dinah Dunn
Rebeka Edwards
Elizabeth Cox
Timothy Pryor
Stephen Woodroof/Woodruff
John McIntosh
William Masters
Mary Masters

Does the above set of church minutes say something about Andrew Dye. Probably......

"Saturday 9/12/1807

The Church met according to appointment and after the usual introduction proceeded to business 1) The Church covenant being read a door was opened to hear religious experience. Jane McClellan and Catherine Dakens came forward and was unanimously received for baptism.

2) Moved by Brother Harrod shall Sister Dye [Perhaps this was one of James' daughters as Andrew and most of his children left for Kentucky by 1800? James was Andrew's oldest son] have a letter. It being put to a vote is answered in the affirmative. Sister Long appeared and gave general satisfaction concerning her non-attendance. Sister Hudson's hearing adjourned until after our October meeting.

..... This page is blank in original except for list of names given in groups of four. Red p11, typed p 10

D Evans
J Mordock
W Craford/Crawford
Jon Morris

R Jones
J Bowin/Bowen
J Morris
J Gates

Jo Frasey
J Garrard
J Frasey
D Clark

J Garrard
Jus Garrard
H J Burk
R Crosley

A Covalt
Jn Dye [John Dye?]
J Jacson/ Jackson
W Night/Knight

Les Williams
Jo Martin
Jst Turner
J Gurthery

Levi Herrod
John Ross
Asarah Davis
Jess Vanmeter

Pension records show that John Dye removed to Brown County, Ohio, where on July 22, 1819, he applied for a pension for Pennsylvania service, stating that he was then 79 years of age. His name is among the members of Goshen Baptist Church at Garards Fort.

Benjamin Dye, whose wife was a Le~ey [Lemley], died about 1788, and left minor children among whom were a son, James Dye, for whom Stephen Gapen was appointed guardian by Greene County, Pennsylvania, Orphan's Court on September 12, 1799. Daniel Jones was appointed guardian for George Dye and Sarah Dye, children of Benjamin, on November 14, 1806.

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