James Dey, son of James Hans Dey

James Dey was born on July 12, 1706 in Staten Island, New York and died before October 12, 1784 in South Amboy, Middlesex County, New York. He married (1) Dinah Tiller who was born on December 2, 1703 and died before 1760. He was the son of James Hans Dey and Margaret Dey.

James Dey and Dinah had 9 children:

  1. James J. Dey was born on September 15, 1728 in Matchaponix (eastern most X on the map to the right), Middlesex County, New Jersey and died before May 2, 1802 in South Amboy, New Jersey. He married Margaret Perrine on January 17, 1749/50 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey, (southern X on the map below), some 12 miles south of Matchaponix. She was born on June 20, 1733 in Matchaponix, Middlesex County, New Jersey and she died after 1806.

    They had 14 children.

  2. Dinah Dey was born on October 25, 1730 in Monroe, Middlesex, New Jersey and she married William Hillyer on April 21, 1775.

  3. William Dey was born on December17, 1732 and he married Hannah Perrine on July 1, 1756

  4. Mary Dey was born on February 19, 1733/34 and married David Cronk

  5. Peter Dey was born on September 10, 1736 and died before November 21, 1782, He married Sarah ____

  6. Sarah Dey was born on September 20, 1739 in Union Valley, Middlesex, New Jersey and she married Amijah Merrill.

  7. John Dey was born on December 28, 1741 in Monmouth County, New Jersey and he died on April 26, 1829 in Middlesex, New Jersey. He married Mary Baird. Tracking the descendants of these families is often complicated by the similarity of first names. This chart illustrates some of the difficulties. There were two David Baird Deys, each with a mother named Mary Baird. Thus, the names, without consideration of ages and family relationships, by themselves may lead to a misunderstanding.

  8. Benjamin Dey was born on May 9, 1744 and died before 1782 as he is mentioned as deceased in his father's will (see below).

    Tom Robertshaw provided a hand copied probate extract of the Will of Benjamin Dey

    Benjamin Dye, Jan 28, 1794. Middlesex Co. Children: John, James, Mary, Dinah. Jan. 3, 1795, Middlesex Co. Wards, children of Benjamin Dye, of said county, deceased, make choice of John Dey as gaurdian.

  9. Elizabeth Dey was born on March 11, 1746/47 and died on April 4, 1747

He married Margaret Mount Herbert Rue on November 25, 1760. She was married (1) to James Herbert of New Brunswick. His will is dated March 1, 1745/6 in which he names his sons Richard, Daniel and James and his wife Margaret as one of the executors (NJA 30:232).

She Married (2) Michael Rue and (3) James Dey.

A copy of the Marriage Bond between Margaret Rue and James Dey follows:

Mathias Johnson

James Dye's will is dated November 21, 1782 and he names his children, and wife Margaret and her children Richard, Daniel and James Herbert (NJA 35:120). From the pension record James Dey died on September 29, 1784. Margaret Dey died on October 8, 1817.

The Will of James Dey follows (hand copied from the New Jersey Archives, Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills, by Tom Robertshaw):

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