Lawrence Dey, son of James Hans Dey

Lawrence (Laurens) Deywas born on May 20, 1708 in Staten Island, New York and died before February 9, 1792 in South Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey. He married Anne Dey who was the daughter of John Laurens Dey, his "step" uncle. John Laurens Dey and James Hans Dey were step brothers.

Anne and Lawrence had 8 children:

  1. Anne Dey was born May 14, 1742
  2. Mary Dey was born May 12, 1734
  3. Jane Dey was born May 17, 1736

  4. Laurence Dey was born February 15, 1737/8 and died on September 8, 1824. He married Mary Cheeseman. Their daughter, Catherine Ann Dey was born on April 4, 1776 and she died on August 21, 1864 in Birdsall, Allegheny County, New York. She married John L. (or I.) Dey, the son of James J. Dey, the son of James Dey, the son of James Hance Dey.

  5. Catherine Dey was born on September 2, 1741
  6. Josiah Dey was born on June 12, 1742
  7. Elizabeth Dey was born on July 22, 1747
  8. John Dey was born on January 12, 1749/50

Thus, the marriage of Lawrence Dey (son of Hance Laurence Dey) and Anne Dey (daughter of John Laurens Dey) was between first cousins (they had the same father). This "linked" the families of the two half-brothers in the second generation.

The marriage of Catherine Ann Dey to James J. Dey provides a much weaker link in generation four.

The probate extract for the

Will of Lawrence Dey

was hand copied by Tom Robertshaw:

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