Enoch Dye, Son of Vincent Dye

Enoch Dye - born in 1753, Eastern Division, New Jersey and died on January 16, 1830 in Canton Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. Canton Township (red dot on the map on the right) is west of West Newton and Sewickley Creek. came to Washington County, PA near or about 1770.

He patented a farm in Canton township, Washington Co. known as "Spencer" (survey made Jan. 25 1786). The farm joining the "Spencer" was patented by Isaac Leet and the Leet's farm was known as "Leet's Fancy" . Isaac Leet, born in Bordentown, NJ, died on May 12, 1802, in Washington Co. PA. He and his wife are buried in the old Dye Graveyard on what is now (this was written in 1922) the Weirick farm. The old Dye Fort was on this farm and was located not far from the Graveyard.

Isaac Leet, in 1746, married Rebecca Vahan, born in Hunterden Co. NJ. She died in 1796. They had 10 children (all listed) including Rebecca Leet who married Enoch Dey.

Enoch married Rebecca Leet in 1781. She was born 1754-55 and died October 5, 1850.

Her father was Issac Leet and her mother was Rebecca Vaughn. Issac was born in 1726 in New Jersey and Rebecca died in 1796. They were married in 1746.

Enoch and Rebecca Leet had 12 children:

  1. Daniel Dye - born August 1776, Bordentown, New Jersey and died in1852 in Morrow County, Ohio. He appears to have lived in Sewickley, Pennsylvania (where Ezekiel had a sawmill?). There is a Sewickley Township in Westmoreland County (red dot on the map below) and Sewickley Creek runs through the township.

    This suggests that Daniel moved to Prince William County, Virginia with his parents Enoch and Rebecca. Around 179? they moved to Pennsylvania. At a later date he and his wife (and children?) moved to Troy Township, Morrow County, Ohio. His sister Mary Dye had moved to Richland County, Ohio by 1844.

    Daniel married Jane McIntyre in 1796 in Washington County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of William McIntyre and Margaret Harris. They had 15 children

  2. William Dye was born on October 6, 177?.
  3. Eunice Dye

  4. Hetty Dye

  5. Enoch Dye was born on December 18, 1785/6 and died in 1821. Enoch Dye II was born on March 19, 1786 and died on May 28, 1821. He was married in 1804 to Mary Polly McIntyre (born in 1783 in Hagerstown, Maryland and died in October 1868 at Washington, Pennsylvania). Enoch Dey II was killed by the fall of a tree when quite young (35) leaving his widow with 8 young children.

    William married a Miss Crothers of Washington County Pennsylvania and then left. They had an unknown number of children but at least two boys. William McEntyre Dye (he preferred this spelling) graduated from West Point Military Academy in the same class with Philip Sheridan, He was in the Mexican War as a lieutenant and came out of the Civil War as a Brig. General. His book "Egypt and Abyssinia" was published in 1880 after spending several years serving with "Gordon". In approximately 1886 he received an appointment to reorganize the Korean Army. He married Ellen Rucker of Chicago and in 1922 had a daughter still living there. He is buried in the Rucker-Dye section of Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.

    Enoch Dye III (b. Oct 1808 Washington Co. PA, d.Jul 2, 1881at McConnelsville, OH) He was a preacher in the Campbellite Faith and a saddler by trade. In 1832 at Smithfield, Jefferson Co. OH he married Juliette Ann Hall (b. Sep 4, 1813 d. Apr 29, 1896) and they had 6 children (all listed) including William Vincent Dye.

  6. Isaac Dye was born on May 24, 1793 and died before 1840

  7. Rebecca Dye was born on May 20, 1780 and died in March 1846

  8. Elizabeth Dye was born on January 9, 1789 and died in June 1872

  9. Mary Dye - born December 10, 1781 in Washington County, Pennsylvania and died in 1844 in Richland County, Ohio. She married Samuel Carrothers in 1802 in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

  10. Susannah Dye was born on May 6, 1783 and died in August, 1853.

    She married James Carrothers, half-brother of Samuel Carrothers who married her sister Mary.

    In a biographical sketch, "Hardesty's History" provides the following information about James and Susannah.

      "In 1814, James and Susannah pruchased a tract of land in Monroe County, Ohio, one mile West of Woodsfield, and James moved his family to Woodsfield until he could build a log cabin on his land. Woodsfield was settled in 1812, and at the time Susannah and James lived there, there were all of eighteen houses in the town; six were hewed log houses and the rest were log cabins.

      "James planted an orchard in the woods and then built his log house. When Susannah and James moved into their new home, the forest trees were standing within a few feet of the door, and wolves howled during the night. Long after this, James would rise in the morning to find his sheep all torn and bleeding, damage caused by the wolves."

  11. Sarah Dye was born on December 11, 1784

  12. Whilhemina Dye was born on December 14, 1795

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