Daniel Dye, Son of Vincent Dye

Daniel Dye - born July 31, 1747 in Middlesex County, New Jersey and died January 24, 1825 in Monroe County, Ohio. He married Abigail Hutchinson on March 24, 1773 in New Jersey.

Sometime around 1782 Daniel and his family, as well as his parents and others in the family moved to Prince William County, Virginia. His Uncle John Dye (Ezekiel's brother) had moved his family to Prince William County, Virginia around 1776. The extent to which these two families of Dye's interacted in Virginia is unknown and being researched. Daniel's parents, his sister Catherine and brothers Dusaway and John all died within a two year period -- 1796-1797.

In 1813 he became the first permanent white settler in Monroe County, Ohio (red dot on the map below). Note that Monroe County is south of the Old Federal Road (running from Wheeling to St. Claresville to Zanesville) and within about 20 miles of Renrock, Ohio where Ezekiel Dye settled around 1806.

From the History of Perry Township, Monroe County, Ohio, 1813:

Daniel and Abagail Dye had at least 6 sons and 1 daughter:

  1. Vincent Dye, born in 1774 in New Jersey

  2. Daniel Dye, Jr, born in 1776 in New Jersey

  3. William, born in 1778 (did not move to Ohio? - does not appear in the History of Perry Township)

  4. David Dye, born in 1780

  5. Elizabeth Dye was born on July 18, 1782 in Prince William County, Virginia. She married her first cousin, James Dye, son of John Dye, brother of Daniel Dye [Allen Farquhar supplied information on Daniel's daughter Elizabeth]

  6. Rueben Dye, born in 1784

  7. Enoch Dye. born in 1787 and married Mary Ann Ridgeway on April 9, 1812 in Washington County (Ohio) - now Monroe County.

  8. John R. Dye, born June 2, 1791 in Virginia and died October 27, 1859 in Washington County, Ohio. He married Priscella Ridgeway (on December 8, 1811 - where?) who was born in 1793 in Maryland and died in 1868. (Were Mary Ann and Priscella Ridgeway related?) They had at least one son, James Irvine Dye.

Note that Daniel and his family moved into Monroe County a few years after John Dye and his family moved into Washington County, Ohio.

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