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Success Workshops

Location: on Teams Enter code umt0dfa after you download MS Teams.

Length: 50 minutes.

Register: Success Workshop Signup. Online registration is necessary to secure a spot.

Problems registering? Contact Laura Heidel at


Fall 2020: Online Learning

Fall Week Date Topic Time
1 Wed, 8/26 Strategies for a Great Semester (Online Focus) 10:00 am
2 Wed, 9/2 Time Management: Create a Planner 10:00 am
3 Thur, 9/10 College Level Reading (Online Focus) 3:00 pm
4 Wed, 9/16 Note-taking in Lectures 2:00 pm
5 Tues, 9/22 Improving Math Anxiety 11:00 am
6 Thur, 10/1 Improving Concentration  (Online Focus) 2:00 pm
7 Wed, 10/7 Tips for First-Generation Students 10:00 am
8 Tues, 10/13 Forming Study Habits (Online Focus) 2:00 pm
9 Wed, 10/21 Test Preparation 2:00 pm
10 Fri, 10/30 Test Anxiety Reduction 3:00 pm
11 Mon, 11/2 Overcoming Procrastination (Online Focus) 11:00 am
12 Wed, 11/11 Increasing Motivation (Online Focus) 10:00 am
13 Wed, 11/18 Creating a Digital Vision Board 2:00 pm
14 Mon, 11/23 Time Management for Finals 10:00 am
15 Tues, 12/1 Preparing For/Coping with Finals 2:00 pm



ADD/ADHD Workshops
Focus on time management and concentration
Tuesdays from 4-5 p.m.
On MS Teams
Starting 9/8/20
Contact Laura Heidel, Ph.D., for more information at
Weekly Accountability Meeting
Learn how to form new study habits and hold each other accountable
Mondays from 1-2 p.m.
On MS Teams
Starting 9/14/20
Contact Laura Heidel, Ph.D. for more information at

Study Group Formation
Want to be part of a weekly study group on MS Teams?

Send us your course and we will match you with other people, and help you create a Team.

Times Vary Contact Juanita Hall, M.Ed., for more information at