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As the UH community puts into practice our plans to mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak, our office will be serving students online-only.  Please see below to access all of our services remotely.

Seeking a LAUNCH tutor?

We are offering free LAUNCH tutoring services online via Microsoft Teams.  Please note these items:

1)  You can sign up for tutoring by joining our Teams page using the following steps:
      Log into Access UH
      Click on Office 365 and follow the instructions for logging in
      Use these directions to access Microsoft Teams:

Click on “Teams” then “join or create a team”, then “join a team with a code”, then type in 8ybk84w, and click “join

2) Once you are in the LAUNCH Teams interface, post a message with your first and last name and the course--by course title and number.  For example, Linda Hernandez, MATH 1431.

3) Our tutoring schedule is located to the left, under the Peer Tutoring tab.  Please check that site to see when a tutor is available for your subject area.  

4)  If you have any questions please contact Kelsey Harris, LAUNCH program coordinator, at, or Dr. Laura Heidel, LAUNCH Student Success Advocate II, at

Good luck with your classes- we are here to assist you!

Seeking a LAUNCH academic counselor?

What is academic counseling?  We help students with learning more effectively, time management, concentration, motivation, test preparation, note-taking, etc.  Our format is personalized and tailored to your needs.  We do not do academic advising- please contact the academic advisor in your major for that service.

In the Navigate Student app, click the purple Appointments icon, select Schedule an AppointmentSupport Services, and LAUNCH.  Follow the remaining prompts for the LAUNCH "Online/Remote Appointments" location.  We will follow up with you and create a remote appointment on Teams.  Questions about making an appointment?  Contact Laura Heidel at or Juanita Hall at

Seeking a LAUNCH Success Workshop?

Please look to your left for the Success Workshops tab.  On it, you can find our current workshop schedule and a link to sign up.  Workshops are great for enrolled students and incoming freshmen and transfer students.  Currently, our workshops have an ONLINE/REMOTE learning focus. Questions about signing up?  Contact Laura Heidel at

Ready to Adjust your Habits for Online Learning? Treat it like a Job!

Successful students start strong, they find ways to stay strong, and they finish strong.

Successful students also run into obstacles, sometimes. And when they do, they seek out help.

Whether you are launching good habits or you’re facing challenges that impact your academic mission, call on LAUNCH.

Academic hurdles? Our expertise can help you clear them.

Academic goals? We can help you achieve them.

Our mission is to connect you to just the services YOU need to be successful. Our mission is to help you achieve liftoff and keep accelerating right through to graduation.

Our mission is your success.