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GPA What-if Calculator: To project the impact of this semester's grades on your cumulative GPA:

  • Input at the top your total credit hours attempted (Student Center > Transcript) and current cumulative GPA (Student Center > Academic Record > your last semester of attendance).
  • Then, input the number of credit hours associated with each grade you plan to receive. (For example, if you are taking 4 3-hour courses this semester and expect to get two A grades and two B grades, then you will enter 6 credit hours next to the A grade and 6 credit hours next to the B grade.) Press the Calculate button.
  • Note:
    • If you are a current UH student, enter only hours earned at UH, as this is how your UH GPA is calcuated.
    • If you are a prospective student calculating your GPA for admission, enter your hours earned or planned before attending UH.

Target GPA Calculator: If you are working toward a certain GPA, such as to change your major, enter your current cumulative GPA, the total credit hours you have attempted, and the GPA you are trying to reach, and click calculate to see how many hours of A grades you need to reach your goal GPA.

GPA What-if Calculator

Input your Total Credit Hours and
Current Cumulative GPA.
Total Credit
Hours Attempted:
Current Cumulative GPA:
Then, input the number of credit hours associated with each grade below that you anticipate receiving and press the Calculate button.

Note: UH averages ALL college-level course attempts. We DO NOT grade-replace.
Grade Credits

Target GPA Calculator

Current Cumulative GPA:
Total Credit Hours Attempted:
Desired GPA:


How do I find the number of credit hours I’ve taken by each grade received?

From your Student Center > click Course History > click the top column heading for Grade to sort by grade.