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Enrollment Ready! (during Orientation)

Follow these steps now to have a successful enrollment experience during your New Student Orientation—be Enrollment Ready!


  1. Check your technology. You'll use many different tools to participate in orientation and meet with your advisors. Plan now to make your Orientation experience a success.
    • Download Navigate Student to check off to-dos, find UH resources, and make appointments (Note: You'll follow your college's instructions regarding advising during Orientation, so you may not see your major listed until after Orientation).
  2. Submit your transfer coursework.
    • If you have transfer coursework, including dual credit, submit your electronic college transcript(s) as soon as possible for review by the Office of Admissions in advance of your orientation.
      • Confirm with your college or university registrar the grade posting and release dates of your final transcripts.
      • To expedite processing of your transcript, send your final college transcript through SPEEDE (FICE code: 003662), or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system. If electronic sending is not available, we will also accept college transcripts by Parchment, Credential Solutions, National Student Clearing House, or eScrip-Safe. 
      • Please allow at least 15-20 business days to allow us to receive, review, and process your official transcripts. 
      • IMPORTANT: High school transcripts that show dual credit coursework cannot be used to document transfer coursework—UH must have your college transcripts to make it all official.) 
    • Most AP credit is assigned automatically for scores you have submitted(Code: 6870); check your myUH account (Admissions tab and down to Test Results) to ensure the credit has been applied correctly. At your New Student Orientation, discuss your credit options with your college advisors (for example, some students decide to take the UH course instead of accepting the course credit.) Note: Scores that you elected to send to UH for AP exams taken this year will be received in July. If you attend orientation prior to then, you'll need to enroll in courses without that prerequisite, and then once your scores are in, you can go back and change your schedule.
    • For IB credit, contact the Testing Services director Mr. Patrick Daniel at PNDaniel@Central.UH.EDU for individual review.
    • For more information on credit by exam, please consult the UH Undergraduate Catalog Credit by Exam section for a list of test scores eligible for course credit.

  3. Resolve any enrollment holds.
    • Check to ensure that you do not have any holds preventing enrollment. Log into your myUH account and navigate to the Student Center, from the menu on the right locate the “Holds” section to view holds.
    • For Bacterial Meningitis holds: upload documentation to your To-Do List on the right side of your myUH account.
    • For TSI holds: send exemption documentation to and see the UH TSI page for more information.

  4. Take any placement tests. Some courses require placement testing in order to place you at the correct course level. Plan to take these exams as early as possible—most should be completed before your scheduled orientation to ensure that you are prepared to enroll in courses.  
    • Math Placement: The Math Placement exam will give you and your advisor a better idea of which math course is right for your degree plan. The Math Placement exam is required for students entering the colleges of Engineering, NSM, and Technology, as well as for Exploratory Studies students planning to pursue a STEM major. Math Placement is also required for students planning to take prerequisite courses for advanced math and science coursework. Carefully review these guides about the Math Placement exam to determine what is required for you:
    • Other Placement Testing: See UH Testing Services to see whether placement testing is required for any courses you plan to take and to understand when and how to take each exam.

  5. Thinking about changing your major? (if you are already in the best-fit major, skip to #5)
    • Finding the right major can be confusing and, at times, overwhelming. It's more than just picking from a list, and since this decision can literally change the course of your future, it’s worth your time to research your options so that you can make an informed choice. See our Change of Major page to understand options and timelines.

  6. Plan your courses.  Planning your courses for your first term before Orientation will help you to be prepared to have a successful Orientation experience. 
    • Academic Planner is an electronic planning worksheet that lets you begin planning your schedule even before Orientation, and then continue working with your advisor to plan your path - term-by-term - to an on-time graduation.
      • View the  Academic Planner video intro and follow the steps below.
        • Find Academic Planner: Log in to AccessUH and look for the blue and white Navigate Student icon (you must use the desktop version of Navigate for Academic Planner, not the app).
        • Click the Planner tab near the top left to launch Academic Planner.
        • Click the  +Add a new term buttonon the top right side to add the next term so you can plan.
        • Drag requirements from the Degree Planning Template worksheet on the left side to your Academic Plan on the right side. Continue dragging until you have a full term (15 credit hours).
        • Go ahead and plan remaining terms through graduation!
      • *This is a planning worksheet only - you can change your planned courses whenever you like. Just make sure to let your advisor know so you stay on the right path.
    • You can also plan according to your 4-year Academic Map for your major.
    • Look up each course you plan to take in the UH Undergraduate Catalog to be sure that you have met the prerequisite requirements.
    • Work with your advisor at your New Student Orientation to replace courses for which you already have credit with courses listed in later terms so that you can have a full-time enrollment of 15 hours for your first term.

  7. Confirm your course selection with your Academic Advisor. 
    • Our admitted students will receive advising and enroll in courses as part of New Student Orientation. You will want to follow the directions for enrollment advising that your assigned college shares in the pre-Orientation modules and during Orientation. Depending on how your college is handling advising, and whether you are attending Orientation in person or remotely, you may or may not be able to see appointments for your major in Navigate until after Orientation.

    • IMPORTANTGive yourself the best chance of finding open class sessions! Once your Orientation holds are lifted, don't wait to enroll! Use Academic Planner and your Academic Map as a guide and enroll in courses as soon as your advising hold is liftedYou will have greater course availability if you enroll sooner rather than later. Then, when you meet with your advisor, you can confirm your enrollment choices or add/drop courses as needed. You can make any changes you like to your schedule all the way until the new term begins.

  8. Plan your schedule.
    • Use the Schedule Planner to map out your best schedule (Login to through your myUH Account through AccessUH).
    • Prepare a list of backup sections and courses in case your first choices are full. 
    • Send your courses to your Shopping Cart. You may add classes to your shopping cart until you are able to officially enroll during the College portion of Orientation.

  9. Enroll in courses. You've prepared and confirmed, and now you're ready to enroll!
    • Enroll in courses as soon as your advising hold is liftedYou will have greater course availability if you enroll sooner rather than later. 
    • Learn how to add a class.
    • Have a list of backup sections and courses in case your first choices are full. 
    • Login to your myUH Account and begin enrolling in your courses.
    • Be patient with this process – you may get some of the sections you chose right away, and you may find that other sections are full. This is all completely normal! Go back to find other courses that fit with your Academic Planner.
    • Remember: you can make any changes you like to your schedule all the way until the new term begins. Get enrolled in all of the classes you can, as soon as you can, and then go back to make changes.
    • Payment for next term courses is not due until right before that term begins, so enroll now! 

Be Enrollment Ready! Orientation is just the first step on your path to success at University of Houston!