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Preparing for the Placement Test


Q. Is there a practice test I can take to prepare for the placement exam?

A. Yes. In the ‘Math Placement’ section, students can choose ‘Practice Exams and Quizzes’ and find practice tests for both the Calculus 1 and Pre-Calculus placement exams. Keep in mind that the amount of time allowed on the practice tests is roughly twice the amount of time allowed on the regular placement exams.

Q. How can I review my tests and determine the areas in which I need to improve?

A. In the ‘Math Placement’ section, choose ‘Grade Book’ and then click on the magnifying glass icon next to the test you’d like to review. This will show you a copy of your graded test. At the top of the test, you will see a topic-by-topic breakdown of your scores.

Q. How can I practice my skills in a specific area, such as Trigonometry?

A. In the ‘Math Placement’ section, choose ‘Videos’ and select a topic that you would like to review. Each video is designed to give you a quick refresher (10-15 minutes) on a specific skill covered on the placement test. When you’re done watching a video, you can take a short quiz on the material by going to ‘Practice Exams and Quizzes’. These quizzes are only for practice and will not affect your math placement level.

Q. I’d like to review my practice test with someone. Are there tutors available to help?

A. Yes, online tutoring for the math placement test is available 5 days a week all summer long. In the ‘Math Placement’ section, you’ll find a link to the online tutoring classroom as well as the current tutoring schedule. Tutoring hours are typically held in the morning and/or afternoon, and students will be helped on a first-come, first-served basis.