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Enrollment Ready! (Current Students)

Follow these 5 steps now to have a successful enrollment experience—be Enrollment Ready!

  1. Resolve any enrollment holds. 
    • Check to ensure that you do not have any holds preventing enrollment. Log into your myUH account and navigate to the Student Center, from the menu on the right locate the “Holds” section to view holds.
    • For TSI holds:
      • If you are pursuing developmental coursework, the TSI enrollment hold has been reapplied to your account since you are not yet TSI complete. Not to worry—just ask your advisor to release your hold for your second waiver so that you can enroll in next term coursework. Once you pass your course, your requirement will be completed.
      • If you are beyond your second waiver or are not enrolled in developmental coursework, you will need to demonstrate college readiness by taking the TSI Assessment. See the UH TSI page for more information. Discuss your enrollment options with your academic advisor.
    • For financial holds
    • For other enrollment holds: In your myUH account under “Holds,” click “Details” to understand the requirement and the department to contact. Contact your Academic Advisor for guidance.

  2. Plan your courses. 
    • Academic Planner is an electronic planning worksheet that lets you work with your advisor to plan your path - term-by-term - to an on-time graduation.
      • View the Academic Planner video intro and follow the steps below.
      • Find Academic Planner: Log in to AccessUH and look for the blue and white Navigate Student icon (you must use the desktop version of Navigate for Academic Planner, not the app).
      • Click the Planner tab near the top left to launch Academic Planner.
      • Click the  +Add a new term buttonon the top right side to add the next term so you can plan.
      • Drag requirements from the Degree Planning Template worksheet on the left side to your Academic Plan on the right side. Continue dragging until you have a full term –  15 credit hours.
      • Go ahead and plan remaining terms through graduation!
      • Remember, this is a planning worksheet only - you can change your planned courses whenever you like. Just make sure to let your advisor know so you stay on the right path.
    • You can also plan according to your 4-year Academic Map for your major.

  3. Confirm your course selection with your Academic Advisor. 
    • To make an appointment with your advisor, click the purple Appointments icon in your Navigate Student app, select your college and major, and look for available appointment times.
    • Some colleges will send you a special appointment invitation – click the link in that message to make an appointment.
    • If you don't see any available appointments, continue checking back. In Navigate, time slots for advising offices open for the next 30 days on a rolling basis, with a new day added at the end of that range every day beginning at midnight.
    • If you are following your Academic Planner closely, you might be able to send your courses to your advisor to check and not need an individual advising appointment. Let your advisor know your Academic Planner is complete and check your email for a confirmation.
    • IMPORTANT: Give yourself the best chance of finding open class sessions! Don't wait to enroll! You might not be able to get an advising appointment before your enrollment date/time. That’s ok! Schedule an appointment with your advisor for the first available date. While you are waiting for your advising appointment, continue forward to #4 Plan your schedule and #5 Enroll in courses. Use Academic Planner and your Academic Map as a guide and enroll in courses within 24 hours of your enrollment appointment. You will have greater course availability if you enroll sooner rather than later. Then, when you meet with your advisor, you can confirm your enrollment choices or add/drop courses as needed.  

  4. Plan your schedule.
    • Use the Schedule Planner to find the best courses at times that work with your schedule and add your courses to your Shopping Cart.

  5. Enroll in courses. You've prepared and confirmed, and now you're ready to enroll!
    • Enroll in courses within 24 hours of your enrollment appointment. You will have greater course availability if you enroll sooner rather than later.
    • Learn how to add a class.
    • Have a list of backup sections and courses in case your first choices are full. 
    • Login to your myUH Account and begin enrolling in your courses.
    • Be patient with this process – you may get some of the sections you chose right away, and you may find that other sections are full. This is all completely normal! Go back to find other courses that fit with your Academic Planner.
    • Remember: you can make any changes you like to your schedule all the way until the new term begins. Get enrolled in all of the classes you can, as soon as you can, and then go back to make changes.
    • Payment for next term courses is not due until right before that term begins, so enroll now!

Be Enrollment Ready as you continue on your path to success at University of Houston!