Torrence Douglas - University of Houston
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Torrence Douglas

Associate Director

Torrence Douglas brings 13 years of prior experience in career services, workforce development, and administrator experience in Higher Education and the non-profit sector. He joined the University Career Services (UCS) team as the Sr. Recruiting Manager in July 2022.

Through challenging leadership positions, my involvement in student services, career services, and other work experience, I have gained qualities of dedication, commitment, and the will to help others succeed. My work ethic is one that any institution would be proud to have on staff. Working in career services and joint education-workforce has allowed me to build upon my experience in working with various consumer types and people from diverse backgrounds.

His involvement in career services and joint education-workforce has allowed Torrence to build upon his experience developing strategies for connecting with external/internal stakeholders to support experiential learning and job placement. Torrence is passionate about helping students manifest their authentic selves through diverse experiences including education, reflection, service, and work.

As a Kentucky native, Torrence earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from Western Kentucky University and a Master of Arts in Higher Education-College Administration from the University of Louisville.