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Prospective Students

We are excited in your interest to become a student employee at the Student Centers. In order to have a successful employment experience, (from application, to onboarding, and to graduation), we have outlined the steps of our employment process below.

Interest + Application

  1. Read and understand the job descriptions of all (available/possible) 10 student positions within the Student Centers.
  1. Login in to Cougar Pathway and create a profile. *Please note you will need to have a resume to upload in order to create your profile. Resources for creating a resume can be found at University Career Services - Career Resources.
  2. Once you have created a profile, find the corresponding job number to the position(s) of interest indicated on the job descriptions above.
  3. The hiring manager will be in touch in approximately 5 business days.


If you are selected to interview, the hiring manager will work with you to set the time and date.

Tips for interviewing can be found at University Career Services - Career Resources. Should you need assistance with interview attire, University Career Services also has a Career Closet with affordable rentals for students.

Getting Started

If you are selected to be a student employee, you will then begin the onboarding process.

  1. Supervisor will set an appointment time for you to bring required forms (emailed to you by the hiring supervisor) to Business Services in the Student Centers Administrative Suite 271.
    1. If you are an international student, you will need the following additional forms: Passport, Visa, I-20, I-94 and some form of state issued photo ID.
  2. You will bring approved forms, one of the following personal identification documents (Driver’s License or Passport) and your original *social security card to university HR. *If you are an international student and do not yet have a social security card, you will need to complete the following steps to obtain a social security card.
    1. Download the Social Security Letter for F-1 Students found on the International Student and Scholar Services website.
    2. Have the hiring Student Centers manager complete and sign the form.
    3. Take the signed form with other necessary documentation to the nearest U.S. Social Security Administration (You will wait 7-15 business days to receive your new card in the mail, and then can continue with the onboarding process).
  3. There will be a waiting period of 5-10 business days before you will receive word from the hiring supervisor regarding your start date.