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Advanced Standing Early Consideration

Advanced Standing is a waiver of 17 SCH available to students who have received a BSW degree from a CSWE accredited program and meet additional admissions requirements. Early Consideration is offered to Face-to-Face Full-time Advanced Standing applicants seeking to start practicum in the fall semester. Applicants admitted under Early Consideration apply by January 1, and if admitted, will be able to attend Marketplace in early spring and have access to a wider selection of practicum sites. Face-to-Face Full-time Advanced Standing applicants who apply by the regular February 1 deadline will still be able to complete their 500 practicum during the 1-year program, but as a spring/summer or summer block placement, and with more limited options for practicum sites.

Because Early Consideration has such a unique onboarding experience, we wanted to provide additional information of what you can expect leading up to the start of the fall semester. Please also refer to the Admitted Students page for general onboarding information.

As an early consideration admit, you have the option to participate in the GCSW Practicum Agency Marketplace & Spring Interviewing Process, a structured process to connect with Houston-area affiliated agencies for a Fall 2024 practicum placement start. Marketplace has a live, virtual component scheduled for Friday, February 23, 2024, 10am - 1pm CST with agency interviews following throughout March. Please save the February date! If you haven't received an email about Marketplace by early February, reach out to the Practicum Team at