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Federal Funds Disclosure Requirement

The fiscal year 1997 omnibus appropriations bill requires recipients of grant funding from the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services (including NIH), and/or Education to mention the funding source in press releases and public statements on projects or research funded in whole or in part with federal dollars. It states, “When issuing statements, press releases, requests for proposals, bid solicitations, and other documents describing projects or programs funded in whole or in part with federal money, all grantees receiving federal funds...shall clearly state:

  1. the percentage of the total costs of the program or project which will be financed with federal money,
  2. the dollar amount of federal funds for the project or program, and
  3. the percentage and dollar amount of the total costs of the project or program that will be financed by nongovernmental sources.”

This disclosure must be made when making public statements about the grant or research.