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Limited Submission Process

Each Limited Submission announcement includes an internal due date for submission of pre-proposal documentation, which is used for the internal selection process.

Pre-proposal documentation includes items listed below, which are to be submitted via the Limited Submissions Database. Click for Submission Instructions. Note: Some limited submissions will require additional documents and those requirements will me noted on the application.

  • Abstract of the work to be conducted (2 pages max)
  • Biographical sketch (2 pages max)
  • Current and pending support
  • Matching requirements and potential sources of cost share/match (if required by sponsor)

Internal Competitions

Should the number of candidates exceed the number of available application slots, a selection committee made up of the appropriate associate deans will select which proposal(s) will be submitted to the sponsor. The decision will be made as soon as possible following the internal due date, usually within 1-2 weeks.

Each candidate will receive a notice of the decision and, if selected, the candidate will proceed with the application process. Depending on the complexity of proposal, the Pre-Award team requests faculty to provide a proposal development timeline for preparation of the proposal elements, including letter(s) of support, budget and subcontract preparation, and other required items. The Pre-Award team, in cooperation with pre-award offices in DOR and/or colleges, will facilitate proposal preparation and submission. If a candidate decides not to submit, he/she must inform ORD as soon as possible to give another candidate the opportunity to apply. If the internal due date is past and application slots remain, the first eligible applicant(s) to submit all of the pre-proposal documentation to ORD will be awarded the application slot(s). Pre-proposal documentation is required for all limited submission opportunities.

Note to Researchers

The Pre-Award team makes every effort to be proactive with limited submission proposals. However, it is important for researchers to promptly notify DOR if the opportunity has not been announced through our listserv and is not on the Limited Submissions Database. To report an unannounced Limited Submission, please contact Marianne Burns (

A researcher who has been selected for three consecutive rounds for the same limited submission program will not be considered for a fourth round unless the Pre-Award team receives fewer nominations than the number of submissions allowed.