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National Centers Planning Award

President Khator’s Research Preeminence: 50-in-5 initiative calls for a doubling of our national centers from the current five centers to ten centers within five years. Applying for a center grant is a major effort. In recognition of this effort, the Division of Research (DOR) is offering internal planning grants to prepare for a center grant application.

The funding is intended to provide up to 14 months of support to teams of researchers led by a University of Houston (UH) faculty member to prepare for the submission of a proposal to a targeted funding opportunity. Contact Dr. Claudia Neuhauser; to confirm eligibility. A Letter of Intent is required no later than two weeks prior of the submission of the planning grant proposal.

If the submission deadline is less than six months away from the date of the request for a planning grant, the proposal can still be accepted; however, it must include additional justification explaining the feasibility of preparing a strong submission within the time frame. 

The DOR will accept submissions through August 31, 2023 or until the funds are exhausted, whichever occurs first. The Centers and Institutes Subcommittee of the Research and Scholarship Committee (RSC) in conjunction with the Committee on Academic Centers and Institutes (CACI) in the Office of the Provost will evaluate the proposals (typically within two weeks of submission) and make a recommendation to the VC/VP for Research. If a proposal is declined, a resubmission will not be considered until a minimum of three months from the date of the initial submission has passed. Resubmissions that are deemed substantially similar to a previous proposal by the hybrid RSC/CACI review committee will be returned without further review.