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Effort Reporting

1. Effort Reporting Guidelines & Procedure

1.1 Effort Reporting Guidelines

1.2 Related Policies and Links

1.2.1 Institutional Base Salary (IBS)

1.2.2 Salary Cap Limitation for DHHS award including NIH

1.2.3 Cost Sharing Guide

1.2.4 Cost Transfer Guide

2. Effort Reporting System (MAXIMUS)

2.1 Accessing the Maximus System for Effort Reporting (PDF)

2.2 Training for the MAXIMUS System

2.2.1 ERS Departmental Coordinator Training Manual

2.2.2 ERS Faculty Certifier Training Manual 

2.2.3 ERS Faculty Certifier Quick Reference Guide 

3. Training and Reference Tools

3.1 Research Administration Certification Program (RACP) Training Slides (ppt)