2022 Annual Report - University of Houston
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Claudia Neuhauser Presiden't Cabinet portrait
Welcome to the 2022 Research and Innovation Annual Report. This report serves as a comprehensive overview of our research initiatives and achievements over the past year.

We are excited to share the significant progress made, with a special focus on our phased expansion of the University’s central core facilities. This transformative program aims to enhance our research capabilities by investing in state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies. Through this expansion, we will provide our researchers with unparalleled resources to support their innovation, collaboration, and breakthrough discoveries at scale.

Join us as we delve into the remarkable achievements and impactful outcomes of our research community in 2022.

Claudia Neuhauser, Ph.D.
Interim Vice President for Research

Research By The Numbers

In fiscal year 2022, NSF-reported R&D expenditures rose 18% from the previous year. Proposal success rose six percent from the past year, reaching an eight-year high.
  • $240MResearch Expenditures
  • $705MTotal Funds Requested
  • $132MTotal Projected Award Amount
  • 1,047Proposals Submitted
  • 35%Proposals Awarded
  • 363Number of Awards Received

Innovation By The Numbers

The University yet again reached all-time highs with an eight percent increase in licensing income. The number of issued patents doubled from the previous year.
  • $71M Licensing Income
  • 62Disclosures
  • 52Patents

2022: Year In Review

mass spec thumb

A Commitment to Core Facilities

In 2022, UH committed $22 million for new core facilities in five national priority research areas: Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Imaging and Scanning, Data and Sensing, and Automation and Autonomy. DOR launched phase one of the buildout with a new website and virtual cores in digital humanities, electron microscopy, and mass spectrometry.


Faculty Engagement

In 2022, DOR continued to engage faculty through the UH Research Forum with presentations on international research, team science and more. Special events focused on federal relations and data management. The Office of Contracts and Grants provided training on their comprehensive updates to functions in PeopleSoft Grants. These initiatives supported UH's research community and the mission of the DOR to serve and to lead.