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Undergraduate Scholarships

The Department of Mathematics administers five scholarship funds:

  • The Charles P. Benner Scholarship
  • The Blanche B. Grover Scholarship
  • The Math Undergraduate Scholarship
  • The Math Education Scholarship
  • The Henry W. Graham Scholarship


The first four of these are available to all eligible Math majors. The Henry W. Graham Scholarship is designated for students in the Option of Mathematical Finance, Bachelor Science Program.

Requirements for these scholarships can be viewed at this Scholarship Guidelines link. 

Incoming Freshman Scholarship Requirements:
New Freshmen majoring in Mathematics will be considered, provided they have a strong interest in and aptitude for mathematics and a proven record of success in previous math courses.

Returning Student Scholarship Requirements:
Returning students will be considered if they are majoring in Mathematics, show progress toward their degree, have a high cumulative grade point average and in mathematics, and have completed a significant number of hours at UH.

Students interested in applying for these scholarships should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies


*Note: Charles P. Benner, Blanche B. Grover, and Henry W. Graham Scholarships qualify for non-resident tuition waivers.

A list of Scholarship Recipients is available here