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(Disclaimer: Be advised that some information on this page may not be current due to course scheduling changes.
Please view either the UH Class Schedule page or your Class schedule in myUH for the most current/updated information.) 

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 (Archived Course listings)


(These courses will apply toward a degree in Mathematics) 
Course Class #
Course Title Course Day & Time Rm # Instructor 
Math 2131 19054 Linear Algebra Labs w/MATLAB MW, 2:30—4PM SEC 202 A. Li
Math 2131 19055 Linear Algebra Labs w/MATLAB TuTh, 4PM—5:30PM F 162 J. Duvall
Math 2331 13643 Linear Algebra TuTh, 4PM—5:30PM CBB 120 A. Quaini
Math 2331 19051 Linear Algebra TuTh 8:30AM—10AM CEMO 109 A. Mang
Math 2331 16556 Linear Algebra Online Online M. Perepelitsa
Math 2331 19395 Linear Algebra MWF, 10—11AM CBB 104 D. Wagner
Math 3325 16948 Transition to Advanced Mathematics TuTh, 2:30—4PM CBB 118 M. Kalantar
Math 3325 19053 Transition to Advanced Mathematics TuTh, 10—11:30AM MH 140 B. Karamched
Math 3325 22611 Transition to Advanced Mathematics MW, 1—2:30PM SW 102 M. Tomforde
Math 3330 21111 Abstract Algebra MW, 4—5:30PM AH 204 M. O'Malley
Math 3330 21112 Abstract Algebra TuTh, 1—2:30PM CBB 122 G. Heier
Math 3331 12493 Differential Equations MW, 1—2:30PM SEC 201 R. Sanders
Math 3331 22610 Differential Equations TuTh, 2:30—4PM SEC 205 D. Onofrei
Math 3333 23405 Intermediate Analysis TuTh, 10—11:30AM S 114 S. Ji
Math 3336 12494 Discrete Mathematics MWF, 10—11AM SEC 104 I. Perepelitsa
Math 3336 12495 Discrete Mathematics MW, 4—5:30PM SEC 105 K. Kaiser
Math 3336 17673 Discrete Mathematics TuTh, 2:30—4PM CBB 110 C. Douglas
Math 3336 20636
Discrete Mathematics TuTh, 10—11:30AM SEC 102 B. Xhabli
Math 3338 23407
Probability MW, 4—5:30PM SEC 201 M. Papadakis
Math 3338 15319
TuTh, 2:30—4PM SEC 203 N. Leger
Math 3339 17901
Statistics for the Sciences MW, 5:30—7PM SEC 105 M. Papadakis
Math 3339 15951 Statistics for the Sciences MWF, 10—11AM SEC 105 W. Wang
Math 3339 18289 Statistics for the Sciences
TuTh, 2:30—4PM SW 102 J. West
Math 3339 20637
Statistics for the Sciences
Online Online T. Weber
Math 3349 28387
Inferential Statistics
MW, 1—2:30PM CBB 120 C. Poliak
Math 3363 16414 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations TuTh, 11:30AM—1PM AH 301 R. Glowinski
Math 3363 17556 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations MW, 1—2:30PM AH 205 W. Fitzgibbon
Math 3363 13852 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations TuTh, 2:30—4PM SEC 202 P. Walker
Math 3363 15952 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations MWF, 10—11AM CBB 124 A. Caglar
Math 3364 16945
Introduction to Complex Analysis TuTh, 1—2:30PM CBB 120 D. Onofrei
Math 3379 12496 Introduction to Higher Geometry
TuTh, 1—2:30PM SEC 203 B. Xhabli
Math 4309 15605 Mathematical Biology MW, 1—2:30PM SEC 104 R. Azevedo
Math 4315 20638 Graph Theory with Applications
TuTh, 4—5:30PM CBB 118 K. Josic
Math 4323 28786 Data Science and Statistical Learning MWF, 11AM—Noon SEC 101 C. Poliak/W. Wang
Math 4332 12497 Introduction to Real Analysis II TuTh, 8:30—10AM F 162 B. Bodmann
Math 4362 21796 Theory of Differential Equations & Nonlinear Dynamics MWF, 10—11AM AH 202 G. Jaramillo
Math 4364 18290 Intro. to Numerical Analysis in Scientific Computing MW, 4—5:30PM CBB 124 T. Pan
Math 4364 22419 Intro. to Numerical Analysis in Scientific Computing Online Online J. Morgan
Math 4365 16883 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations TuTh, 11:30AM—1PM SEC 202 J. He
Math 4377 17674 Advanced Linear Algebra I TuTh, 10—11:30AM F 154 G. Heier
Math 4378 12498 Advanced Linear Algebra II TuTh, 10—11:30AM SEC 105 A. Mamonov
Math 4380 12499 Mathematical Intro To Options MW, 1—2:30PM SEC 203 I. Timofeyev
Math 4389 12500 Survey of Undergraduate Mathematics MWF, Noon—1PM CBB 124 D. Blecher
Math 4397 27738 Mathematical Methods for Physics
MW, 2:30—4PM SW 219 L. Wood