MATH 1100 - Elements of Algebra - University of Houston
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MATH 1100 - Elements of Algebra

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Course Description: A one-credit, online course to be taken simultaneously with a CORE math course (1310 or 1311). A student who has passed the TSI assessment for math but has NOT passed the math placement exam for a core course may enroll in Math 1100 along with that course.  Enrollment is via the student’s advisor, so enrollment is not open to students to choose this course on their own.  Once enrolled, students will be allowed to choose a section that supports 1310 or one that supports 1311.

Topics: include signed numbers, operations with algebraic expressions, first degree equations and inequalities in one variable, factoring, the Cartesian coordinate system, systems of first degree equations in two variables solved by graphical and algebraic means, exponents and radicals, an introduction to quadratic equations, and stated problems.  This course may not be used to satisfy any degree requirements.  This course may be used for TSI remediation



A student is expected to finish a set of online quizzes sequentially, each with a grade of 70% or higher.  Multiple attempts on each quiz are allowed.

When a student has completed all the quizzes, an on-campus final will be given.  A grade of 70% on the final is needed for successful completion of the course.