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All Faculty - (Directory)

The Math Account Email addresses are "Email" unless otherwise indicated. Click this link if you can't find an instructor's UH E-mail.



Office #

Phone #

E-Mail ID , UH Email Alias

ALEXANDER, AMANDA Post-doc 606 PGH TBD amalexa5@Central.UH.EDU
ALMUS, MELAHAT Instructional Associate Professor 212 PGH X6886 almus ;
AZENCOTT, ROBERT Professor 608 PGH x3489
razencot ;
 BASSLER, KEVIN Adjunct Professor SR1-619C x3568
 BLECHER, DAVID Professor 651E PGH x3451 dblecher ;
 BODMANN, BERNHARD Professor 641A PGH x3581 bgb ;
Instructional Associate Professor 204 PGH X7666 acaglar ;
ČANIĆ, SUNČICA  Research Professor  N/A N/A
CAO, JIAN Assistant Professor TBA TBA TBA
CAPPANERA, LOÏC Assistant Professor 602 PGH TBA
CAPUTO, MATTHEW Instructional Associate Professor 207 PGH X7653  caputo ;
CHARON, NICOLAS Assistant Professor TBA TBA
CLIMENHAGA, VAUGHN Professor 665 PGH x0189  climenha ;
CONSTANTE, BEATRICE Lecturer 218B PGH X7662 beatrice ;
DOUGLAS, CASEY Instructional Assistant Professor 206 PGH x3500 cdouglas ;
ETGEN, GARRY Professor 695 PGH x3510 etgen ;
FAN, GAOYANG (BRIDGET) Post Doc 606 PGH TBD gfan@Central.UH.EDU
FU, WENJIANG Professor 684 PGH x7279 fuw ;
GAO, LI Assistant Professor TBA x2454 lgao20@Central.UH.EDU
GEORGE, BEKKI  Adjunct Associate Professor N/A N/A
HAFEEZ, SHAHINDA Lecturer 208 PGH X7712 shafeez ;
HAYNES, ALAN Professor 613 PGH TBD haynes ;
HE, JIWEN Professor TBA PGH x3481 jiwenhe ;
HE, YUNHUI Assistant Professor TBA TBA TBA
HEIER, GORDON Associate Professor 666 PGH x3479 heier ;
HONG, YUQI Lecturer 204 PGH X3500 ;
JARAMILLO, GABRIELA Assistant Professor 622 PGH x3500 gabriela ;
JI, SHANYU Professor 667 PGH x3454 shanyuji ;
JOSIĆ, KREŠIMIR Professor 624 PGH x3485 josic ;
JUN, MIKYOUNG Professor  601 PGH TBD mjun@Central.UH.EDU
KAISER, KLAUS Professor 607 PGH x3462 klaus ;
KALANTAR, MEHRDAD Associate Professor 602 PGH x0780 kalantar ;
KAO, EDWARD Professor 629 PGH x3456 edkao ;
X2454 lgao20@Central.UH.EDU
KUZNETSOV, YURI Professor 682 PGH x3493 kuz ;
KWON, JUNHYEON MSDS Lecturer/Research Associate 623 PGH TBD
LABATE, DEMETRIO Professor 694 PGH x3492 dlabate ;
LEGER, NICHOLAS Instructional Associate Professor 651B PGH x6751 nleger ;
MAMONOV, ALEXANDER Associate Professor 690 PGH x0297 mamonov ;
MANG, ANDREAS Associate Professor 614 PGH x7409 andreas ;
MAY, JENNIFER Lecturer 218B PGH X7630 jen ;
MORGAN, JEFF Professor N/A x3455 jmorgan ; jjmorgan@Central.UH.EDU
NICOL, MATTHEW Professor 210PGH x6181 nicol ;
NIU, YABO Assistant Professor TBA TBA yniu4@Central.UH.EDU
O'MALLEY, MATTHEW Professor 616 PGH x3487 momalley ;
OLSHANSKII, MAXIM Professor 664 PGH x3470 molshan ;
ONOFREI, DANIEL Associate Professor 632 PGH x3410 onofrei ;
OTT, WILLIAM Professor 603 PGH  x0398 ott ;
PAN, TSORNG-WHAY Professor 683 PGH x3448 pan ;
PAPADAKIS, MANOS  Professor 681 PGH x3449 manos ;
PEREPELITSA, IRINA Lecturer 212 PGH X7652 irina ;
PEREPELITSA, MIKHAIL Professor 631 PGH x3484 misha ;
POLIAK, CATHY Instructional Associate Professor 11C Fleming X7644 cathy ;
QUAINI, ANNALISA Professor 662 PGH x3491 quaini ;
RYAN, JOHN MSDS Lecturer TBD TBD jmryan2@Central.UH.EDU
RU, MIN Professor 674 PGH x3477 minru ;
SANDERS, RICHARD Associate Professor 689 PGH x3447
SHASTRI, DVIJESH Adjunct Professor 677 PGH x3500
SINGH, DINESH Adjunct Professor N/A N/A
SOSA, MOSES Lecturer 208 PGH X7650 mmsosa ;
TIMOFEYEV, ILYA Professor 651D PGH x3483 ilya ;
TÖRÖK, ANDREW Professor 672 PGH x3478 torok ;
TUCKER, CHARLES Associate Professor 11E Fleming x3461 ctucker ;
VERSHYNINA, ANNA Associate Professor 634 PGH x7341 anna ;
WANG, MIN Assistant Professor  693 PGH TBA mwang55@Central.UH.EDU
WANG, WENDY "WENSHUANG" Instructional Assistant Professor 11F Fleming X5856 wwang ;
WATKINS, KATIE Adjunct Lecturer 204 PGH X3500
WEST, JAMES Instructional Associate Professor 207 PGH X7704 jdwest ;
WU, THERESE YINGYING Assistant Professor  TBA TBA ywu68@Central.UH.EDU
XHABLI, BLERINA Instructional Associate Professor 202 PGH X7667 blerina ;
YOON, RK Post-doc 606 PGH TBD ryoon@Central.UH.EDU
YOU, HOJUN Post-doc 606 PGH TBD hyou3@Central.UH.EDU