Fall 2019 C.H.A.M.P. Seminar - University of Houston
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CHAMP Seminar

Friday, October 25th, 3—4pm, 646A PGH

It is my pleasure to announce the second CHAMP Seminar. The Seminar's goal is to bring you in direct contact with members of Math department and provide you with advice and guidance in your studies and future career plans. During the Seminar we will informally interview a guest about her/his carrier path, vision and opinion on various topics.

The Seminar is open to EVERYONE!

Our guest this time is Prof. Jennifer May. You may have had (or are having) her as your math instructor, but what you probably don't know, is that she is currently working on her Ph.D at the same time. She is working on cut and project sets, aperiodic order and tiling methods as her graduate project. Prof. May has an extensive career in high school and college education, having worked in each for more than a decade. It's a pleasure to have her as our guest!

Mark your calendars! The Seminar will take place on Friday, October 25 at 3:00-4:00pm in PGH 646A. This is an informal meeting, so you are free to join us later or leave earlier if necessary.

Enjoy your week!
Dr. Vershynina

Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Houston