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Group Event Guidelines

Student Group Events and Consortiums, Rules and Guidelines regarding Department Involvement and Reimbursements

Student Groups and Consortium Events Registration Form

  • Please submit the Non-Department Funded Events form at least 4 weeks in advance of your scheduled event via the EAS department e-ticket system under the ‘Events’ drop-down.  Any event reimbursements that are sought without this event form on file or without prior permission may not be honored.
  • Purchases and Reimbursements:
    • The Non-Department Funded Events form must be approved before any event-related purchases are made.
    • Reimbursements can only be issued upon submission of itemized receipts.  If itemized receipts are not received within 45 days following the event, the department will not be able to process a reimbursement.
    • Itemized receipts should be submitted as an EAS department e-ticket by selecting ‘Events’ from the drop down menu.
    • All individuals who intend to make purchases that will require reimbursements must be entered into the PeopleSoft vendor program by filling out the necessary Vendor ID forms and submitting them via fax to the Vendor ID office.
      • Forms may be downloaded here.
  • Unallowable expenses:
    • Alcohol
      • Consortiums may be reimbursed for alcohol provided the Registration of Alcoholic Beverage Distribution has been filed and approved by the Dean of Students Office.  Please complete and submit this form to Sarai Hernandez at least 4 weeks before your event.
      • Student groups will not be reimbursed for any alcohol purchased and are strongly discouraged from serving alcohol at any student events.  Under special circumstances, alcohol may be served after receiving the permission of the Dean of Students Office by filing a Registration of Alcoholic Beverage Distribution form. Please complete and submit this form to Sarai Hernandez at least 4 weeks before your event.
    • Gifts
      • Absolutely no gifts, regardless of value, will be reimbursed as they are not allowed by University and State policy.
    • Taxes
      • All purchases should be made using the University of Houston’s Tax Exempt form, found here.
    • Business Meals (Consortiums only)
      • Only business meals with Consortium sponsors where research data is presented and discussed is allowable on Consortium funds.  These are the only business meals that are reimbursable.
      • Any meals or catering that are purchased for consortium students, employees, non-sponsor guests, etc. where there is no presentation of data to paying consortium members, cannot be reimbursed using Consortium funds and will be denied.
  • Event Contracts:
    • Any venue/catering contracts and/or agreements must be submitted to Sarai Hernandez for University approval before they are signed.  Any contracts or agreements that are signed without the approval of the University may not be reimbursable.
  • Department Supply Check-Out:
    • Any department supplies that may be required for the event, including: cooler, tables, plates, silverware, cups, etc. must be reserved prior to the event by contacting Sarai Hernandez at least 1 week prior to the event.
    • If there are any non-disposable department supplies that are not returned following the event, replacements will be purchased at cost to the group responsible.