De-Hua Han - University of Houston
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De-Hua Han

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De-Hua Han

Curriculum Vitae pdf

Research Professor of Geophysics, Rock Physics

Ph.D., Geophysics, 1987, Stanford University, Standford, CA.
M.S., Geophysics, 1985, Stanford University, Stanford, CA.
M.S., Rock Mechanics, 1981, Graduate School of Chinese Acad. Sci., Beijing,China.
B.S., Solid Physics, 1967, Hebei University, Tianjin, China.

Office: 123-A SR1
Phone: (713) 743-9293

Research Interests

  • Seismic rock physics
  • Rock and fluid properties

Rock Physics Lab

Selected Journal Publications

  • Han, D., A. Nur, Effects of Porosity and Clay Content on Wave Velocity of Sandstones, Geophysics, 51, 2093-2107, 1986, Geophysics Reprint 10, 1988.
  • Eberhart-Phillips, D. and D. Han: Empirical Relationships among Seismic Velocity, Effective Pressure, Porosity, and Clay Content in Sandstone, Geophysics, v.1, p.82, 1989..
  • Han, D., Weak Cementation Effect on Velocities of Sands, SEG Annual Meeting, 1994.
  • Castagna, J., D. Han and M. Batzle, Issues in rock physics and implications for DHI interpretation, TLE, 883, 1995
  • Batzle, M., R. Christiansen, and D. Han, Reservoir recovery processing and geophysics, 1998, The Leading Edge, October, p. 1444-1447.
  • Han, D., and M. Batzle, Velocity, Density and Modulus of Hydrocarbon Fluids: (1) Data Measurement, (2) Empirical Modeling SEG Annual Meeting, Calgara, 2000
  • Batzle, M., R. Hafmann, D. Han, J. Castangna, Fluids and frequency dependent seismic velocities of rocks: 2001, The Leading Edge, February, p168-171.
  • Batzle, M., and D. Han, Optimal hydrocarbon indicator SEG annual meeting 2001
  • Han. D., and M. Batzle, Fizz water and low gas saturated reservoirs, TLE, April, 2002.
  • Han, D., and M. Batzle, Constrain and simplified Gassmann’s equation. SEG Annual meeting 2002
  • Han, D., and M. Batzle, Gassmann’s equation and fluid saturation effects on seismic velocities. Geophysics, p398-405, 2004.
  • Han, D., and M. Batzle, Gain function and hydrocarbon indicators, SEG annual meeting, 2003.
  • M. Batzle, D. Han and R. Hofmann, Macro-flow and Velocity Dispersion, SEG annual meeting, 2003.
  • Han, D. and M Batzle, AVO and DHI, 8 th Geophysics Congress, Rio Dejaneiro, Brazil, 2003
  • Han, D. and M. Batzle, Constrained and Simplified Gassmann's Equations, SEG meeting, Beijing, 2004
  • Han D. and M. Batzle, Fizz water and low gas-saturated reservoirs, SEG meeting, Beijing, 2004,
  • Han. D., and M. Batzle , Estimate Shear Velocity Based on Dry P-wave and Shear Modulus Relationship, SEG annual meeting, 2004
  • Carlos Cobos and Han. D., Can we use frequency shift due to attenuation for fizz water discrimination? SEG annual meeting, 2004
  • X-Li, Han, D. and J. Liu, The effects of reservoir thickness, fluid and Q to seismic amplitudes, SEG annual meeting, 2004
  • M. Batzle, R Hofmann and Han, D., Heavy oil – Seismic Properties SEG annual meeting, 2004
  • M. Batzle and D. Han. 2004, Expert Answers, P 20-21, October, 2004, CSEG Recorder.