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Outstanding Alumni Award

The UH Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Outstanding Alumni Award recognizes and honors a UH alumnus for outstanding contributions to science, education, scholarship, service (within and/or outside UH), entrepreneurship, and/or outreach in their distinguished careers.

The award, presented annually at the UH EAS Sheriff Lecture (usually held in November), highlights the accomplishments of UH EAS alumni and serves as inspiration for recruiting efforts, alumni pride, and an overall increase in visibility and engagement.


  • Nominees must have been enrolled at UH/EAS at undergraduate and/or graduate level, or were members of EAS research staff (e.g., post-doctoral researchers).
  • Nominees must be > 5 years from their terminal UH degree, or time when they were enrolled at UH.
  • Nominees must be willing to receive the award.

Nomination Process

  • Award nominations are advertised on EAS website, UH EASAA, Linkedin, Twitter, alumni email lists, and professional societies.
  • Nominations are solicited in the early spring semester and accepted until Sept 1. Nominations will be sent to and compiled by the EAS Assistant to the Chair.
  • Nominations may be submitted by any current or former EAS faculty, staff, or student.
  • The nomination package must include the nominee’s CV and a letter from the nominator. The
    nominator’s letter must demonstrate how the nominee has made significant contributions in any of the areas listed under the first bullet item above. The nominator should be in a position to evaluate and summarize the strengths of the candidate. The letter should be submitted using official letterhead paper and state the current position of the nominator.

Selection Process

  • Nomination packages will be evaluated, ranked, and selected by members of the EAS Fundraising/Development/Alumni Relations Committee.
  • Awardee will be announced at the April faculty meeting.


  • An awardee will receive an award plaque, and an award plaque will be mounted on the EAS Wall of Honor that will be established in the lobby area outside of the SR1 third floor office of the EAS Department.
  • For selected and appropriate candidates, a student scholarship in honor of the outstanding alum will be established and advertised on the EAS website and through local professional societies (e.g., EAS, GSH, HGS, etc.).