Three Students Recognized for Outstanding Research Posters at Annual Sheriff Lecture

Three Students Recognized for Outstanding Research Posters at Annual Sheriff Lecture
Event is Organized by EAS and Houston Geological Society

Callum Byers
Callum Byers
Zachary Martindale
Zachary Martindale
Yiduo Andy Liu
Yiduo “Andy” Liu
Three Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences students were recognized for outstanding research posters at the joint EAS-Houston Geological Society Annual Sheriff Lecture on November 16. A panel of 20 judges, including EAS faculty and oil industry experts, evaluated the 43 student entries. Judging is done according to three categories based on the level of the student. Each winning student received a cash prize.

Tier 1 Category (Undergraduate) – First Place
Callum Byers
Title: “Tectonic geomorphology of large normal faults bounding the Cusco rift basin within the southern Peruvian Andes"

Tier 2 Category (Advanced M.S./Beginning Ph.D.) – First Place
Zachary Martindale, Ph.D. student
Title: "Comparison of rift and passive margin stages of the East Africa-Madagascar conjugate margins and their impact on heat flow and source rock maturation"

Tier 3 Category (Advanced M.S./Ph.D.) – First Place
Yiduo “Andy” Liu, Ph.D. student
Title: “Tectonics of mid-Cretaceous volcanism from the northern Gulf of Mexico to northwestern Canada"

All posters submitted to the competition are listed at:

Special thanks to all the poster judges for volunteering their time and sharing their expertise with the poster presenters:

Daniel Hauptvogel (EAS)
Jinny Sisson (EAS)
Yingcai Zheng (EAS)
Muhammed N. Bugti (EAS)
Joel Saylor (EAS)
Paul Mann (EAS)
Bill Beck (Hess)
Kush Tandon (Bluware, Inc.)
Ana Krueger (Consultant)
Robert Wiener (Consultant)

Judy Schulenberg (Southwestern)
Mike McCardle (Consultant)
Steve Getz (Consultant)
Fernando Ziegler (Marathon)
Donna Davis (Davis Consulting Company)
Steve Naruk (Shell)
Shawn Wright (Hess)
Charles Sternbach (Star Creek Energy Company)
Linda Sternbach (Star Creek Energy Company)
Sharma Dronamraju (AKD Professional Services)